Implementation Of The 15 tonne MAN SV.

Sirs, Ma'ams
As a part of my Senior CLM workbook I've been tasked to research the implementation of the 15 tonne MAN SV which replaced the 14 tonne TM. However after trawling many different web sites & talking to the relevant people in my regiment I've managed to gain very little information to put some meat on the bones of this subject so I'm hoping that I can pick the brains from yourselves the wider audience.
The main topic that I require information is the actual implementation of the vehicle. When it came into service? I'm lead to believe it came into service around mid to late 2008 but I've not got any solid evidence to support these dates.
How the fleet was rolled out? Was it over a period of time, if so how long did the process last or were you an operational unit and took delivery of a new fleet immediately?
Whilst the transition of the vehicles occurred what effect did it have on the unit effectiveness to operate?
Finally what the drivers actally think about the new vehicle compared to the 14tonne TM?
Thank you for taking the time to read this and any other information would be most welcome.
They started to get rolled out in 2008. There was a contract to provide the initial dvr trg, unfortunately it was badly sequenced and the 15T trg came before the 6&9T which meant very few people could actually do the contracted trg. The remainder was carried out in unit lines.

To carry out the trg on the 15T individuals must first have been converted to the 6 or 9T variant. They remain valid for 6 months on the veh rather than the usual year. This is a completely pointless safety measure put in place because of the large turning circle of the vehicle. It is also fitted with a reversing camera due to the length of the vehicle.

The main users (in a Tpe A Bde) of the 15T are the Log Sp Regts along with some RE and REME. The rollout of the vehs was disrupted by the removal of some 15T vehs to be converted into EPLS.

The 15T moves which makes it an improvement over the knackered fleet of 14T!

Have you tried the IPT?


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