Can't say what they will do,I've been out too long.However, if it is impetigo then it is highly contagiuos(excuse spelling) and you need to use your own towel etc not one the family use.

I had it while serving,got bitten and then went on exercise the next day and the rest is history.

Once confirmed what it is I would suggest best to declare it asap to the staff and let them make a call as to the next step.
probably find you will be told to either report to the MO or arrangements for your stay at a suitable hospital will be made, if it is not deemed to be clear by your start date.

the medical staff are very hot on contageous (sp?) ilnesses and diseases in the block. anybody whos ever experience a D&V outbreak in the lines will know it spreads like wildfire with blokes living in close proximity.
if your phase 2 is very fluffy you might get lucky and be stuck on sick leave at home, but this all depends on what the docs say.

if we were sick on leave we were either expected to travel back if in a condition to do so and be put up under mo's arrangements, or liase with the CoC until such a time.
i would speak to your CoC asap, and allow them to aim off, and they will be able to tell you the procedures, and give you a better idea of your fate.
A bloke in my platoon went down with impetigo when we were in Senelager in 2006. He was quarantined for a fortnight and then put on light duties for another fortnight or so. I was in much the same position as him, as I was quarantined and the convalesing for mumps.

It's bound to put you out of action for a while- possibly a month or so, plus your fitness will deteriorate a bit in that time, as you won't be able to do PT. It's not going to be much fun- hope it doesn't prove too much of a set back, mate.

geordie_g said:
Also have no way of contacting anyone really, its bank holiday sunday, so looks like Im going to have to tip up early and go straight to the Med Centre!
you bleeding do! im sure your phase 2 has a guardroom. you know the address, and there is probably contact info on armynet, if not the army website.

im sure you were given some contact details. they didnt just expect you to get there from memory, e&e style did they?

ring the guardroom, and let them know start date and any other info. they will pass it on. and considering its an army base it will have a guard shift there if nobody else. they dont just close the camp and tell the commonwealth soldiers to piss of back to fiji or nepal for the day!

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