Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 29, 2006.

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  1. I think I’m an Imperialist, although it’s a bit of a naughty word these days (rightly so in fact). The British Empire was an amazing accomplishment, it created the modern world and it carved nations into what they are today, it created many wonderful things and equally many problems. However when I watch films like Lawrence of Arabia, Zulu or whatever, it does fill me with a sense of pride over the sheer size and achievement of the empire. I've always thought, if it wasnt for the two world wars, where it would be today...
  2. IIRC I used to buy Mint Imperialism at the sweet shop.
  3. yeah, i'v allways wanted a death star of my own as well..........................
  4. what has lawrence of arabia got to do with imperialism. Wasn't he just an excentric poofter who liked to dress up in arab dress??

    And I wouldn't say that Zulu has anything to do with imperialism either. Its a film about one battle in the middle of nowhere and doesn't really represent what Imperialism really was.
  5. Yes Red tunics for all.
  6. You aren't the only one :wink:
  7. Are there any countries we can convince to expand our empire for us again?
  8. Try Zimbabwe. They're always receptive to innovation.
  9. What with our governments recent record?

    Sad to say, but I sincerely doubt it.
  10. I'm an Imperialist too, and damn proud of it.

    But this dick thinks its wrong


    He is a British directer who made an IRA film with British money.
    This is his excuse
    "Our film is a little, a very little step in the British confronting their imperialist history," he said.

    What a plonker.
    I laugh in his face :eek: :eek: :eek:
  11. Well lets see, I mean America wont mind coming back to join the club, just need to shoot the shaved chimp, we could revoke the aussies, kiwi's and the canadians freedom, they havent done to well anyway. Ofcourse we'll need to dissolve parliment to do all this (no, I mean literally dissolve know, with acid). The Indian's will take a little convincing, and the south africans wont like it, but i'm sure they'll see sense. The rest of them will join eventually, might take a little bit of force though. Oh, and lets bring back the red uniforms...
  12. Do you recon China would give us another 99 year lone on HK?
  13. Perhaps if we re-started exporting vast quantities of Opium to them and deploy some Royal Marines in the odd Chines city.
    A bit of Gunboat dimplomacy to persuade them?
  14. Well get can take all that stuff from Afgan! :D
  15. Genuis!!!!!

    Linemanloz for the job of Foreign Secretary :D