Imperial War Museum

Yesterday I did the dutiful son act and went around the National Army museum and the Imperial War musem in London with my old man


Lots of big boys toys to have a gander around and some superb displays.

The most humbling part of the entire trip was the VC & GC room, a huge lump of admiration, pride and Britishness welled in my throat reading some of the stories and seeing so many VCs all in one room.

Although a crab, a first war air ace had been given, VC, DSO & Bar, MC & bar, MM & Croix de guerre....... 57 kills to his credit before stuffing in with a faulty cab miles from the front.

In that room I very nearly bent and drove and threw up a salute.... but Id look a cnut so didn't :D

Col'H' Jones VC sadly wasn't present int he NAM due to the display being updated.

Free too! Well worth a three hour train trip and manky Virgin rail scoff and being ripped of by a big fat racist b a stard with a hygeine problem of a London cab driver
Not forgetting the Imperial War Museum North in Salford Quays, Manchester (also free). Plus you've got a shopping centre near by to keep the other half happy.
Yes but you also get car jacked and gang raped in Salford

I'd sooner take in a museum in Mostar :D
i dragged the doris around the imperial war museum a few weeks ago , and like you MDN i was well impressed , but can you believe within 3 hours she was moaning "that her feet hurt" , well i think they heard the crack of my hand across her head down by the admission hall , as i explained to her gently that i'm sure most of the people remembered in there had more than sore feet and a lack of moral fibre to moan about , great day out , not put off by having to go into town and get blatamtly ripped off by all and sundry , till you get there of course , there were some fat sweaty noisy yanks in the queue , who were well impressed it was a freebie.
so they f**king should be , we waited long enough for the f**kers to get off their arrses and join the party.
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Col'H' Jones VC sadly wasn't present int he NAM due to the display being updated.
Big shame you missed it -- I think it's the only real one on display anywhere.
Heard somewhere that Sergeant MacKay's VC was originally intended for a private soldier until they searched his kit and found a collection of Argie cranium fins. Anyone know anything about that or is it bollox?
You must have got up early to do both in one day!
I have only been to the NAM a couple of times and haven't seen half of it. The Imperial War Museum and Cabinet War Rooms are completely fascinating places to visit, and anyone who lives in London should look up details of the events they frequently hold. They both have websites and there are films shown regularly at the IWM, unfortunately usually during weekday afternoons, and the Cabinet war rooms has several evening events coming up over the summer.

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