Imperial War Museum North

Discussion in 'Travel' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Just went down to Manchester for a week- end to visit my daughters and on Sunday they took us to Salford Quays, with a visit to the museum.

    Well worth a visit, never been to the one in London, but this is excellent, many artefacts you wouldn't see in a traditional museum, many "family keepsakes" made up into displays, we found these some of the most moving, one was a soldier captured and imprisoned by the Japanese.

    He had kept his few pitiful belongings, and the story behind them was told, along with a few photos, and the worst were his 2 belts, shown buckled.

    One was before capture, a big lad, the second was on being freed, it would fit the waist of a young girl.

    Up to date, on a plinth they had the remains of a Baghdad car bomb......

    Couldn't manage it all, after a couple of hours, my wife couldn't bear any more, but we will return to see the rest.

    What's On at IWM North : Museum Displays - IWM North
  2. Glad you enjoyed, VTMC, you need plenty of time, if I dare say,
    on your own to really enjoy the Place, I got some very funny
    looks when I was a pretendy A10 attacking the ZSU234 in the
    outside area, still Bugger the Civvies, and that Fcukin' GAU
    weighs a ton, good job his Radar wasn't working!!!!
  3. The 'charming characters' are infact a couple of Indian Muppets, called Abdul and Ali. I shit you not.

    I've only been once but sadly wasn't impressed. Great art installation or even place of remembrance, but not so much a War Museum in my opinion.

    I will try a few more exhibitions tho as it is very accessible with lots else around. I'll just skip the Abdul & Ali muppet show. I'd be very happy to see an exhibition of the British Raj's & other Empire countries contributions to both wars and other conflicts.
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  4. Your been very charitable, I thought it was shit.

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  5. Ssshhhh... ffs.
    i'd hate to think what it has cost us.

    The Manchester Museum of Science & Industry is highly recommended though.
    Some very impressive permanent displays. If you're mechanically minded that is.
    Right in city centre.
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  6. MrQ

    MrQ Swinger

    Agreed, could have been so good but I found it a real disappointment.
  7. I think you are being charitable calling it shit. Such a great big space that is half empty except for the ever popular "interactives and video presentations. IWM have lots in store (I've seen the stores) put it on display!
  8. I thought it was shit, the best bit was my son sat on a nuclear bomb and re-enacted the end to Dr Stranglove. Other than that it was just disappointing.
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  9. Check them out, first...... as far as I can remember, they fire up their old mill steam engines on bank holidays'

    10 times better, much better to visit then.
  10. Not at IWM, but those things give me the willies. FAA museum has a WE177 next to a Buccaneer. I recognized it as soon as I saw it. Hairs on end, tingling spine, the works. Same thing happened in Washington DC at the Smithsonian. They have an SS20. I hated growing up with that threat, and the instruments of armageddon still have an effect on me.
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  12. Think Cosford has a better selection at their Cold War hall, rather innocuous looking things now mind. To think we could've easily tipped over the edge with 'em, I see what you mean.
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  13. Any signs of improvement?

    Sentenced to spend some time in t' North in May and wondered if it was worth the effort given that I will have to drag myself about 50 miles to get there.
  14. I doubt it. Problem with IWM North its that the building is supposed to work as part of the exhibits. its how Liebskind designed it - the air shard for example. Problem is 99% of people don't get it & it passes them by. And rightly so. A museum is about exhibits & should be only about that, not some blokes self promotion through the style of a building & selling that to the client as some wholly interactive experience of the space & its exhibits. I bet most of you didn't know that the cafe space is actually an exhibit.....the space is designed the way it is to represent something. Fcuked if i can remember it tbh.