Imperial Service Medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Retd_crab, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. I see that the ISM is a current medal but HMG does not put people up for it.

    I would think that there would be a few Civil Servants at the bottom of the scale who would be grateful of something like this in recognition of 25+ years service. I don't mean jobs worth but the humble clerk or cleaner, even NAFFI trolly dolly.

    Any one know why we don't issue it anymore, even though some Commonwealth countries do.

  2. We do still 'issue' it. It is, however, not a long service award in comparison to the forces' LS&GC medals. It's classed as an honour and one has to be recommended for it. The main reason for it's scarcity these days is that large chunks of the Civil Service are now in private hands - unlike some Commonwealth countries who still use the old imperial (pre-privitised) system. HMP still qualify, though I understand they now have their own long service medal.
  3. Thanks. I thought it more of a LS&GC type award killed off by PCs due to ite "imperial" nomenclature.

    There does need to be something below the MBE,OBE etc to show recognition for those who make the big society happen. A children's crossing supervisor with an ISM or similar makes more sense than elevating someone to the offices of the British Empire
  4. Certainly the MOD still issues them. Recommendations are made by PPPA for MOD civil servants. Criteria attached.

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  5. Not trying to bump old threads, but I think in this area of the ISM, it's mainly that managers don't generally apply for them, for their staff. My mother had never heard of the ISM in 50 years in the Revenue, yet yesterday she got a letter stating she was to awarded one!

    Several of her staff team who have recently retired have been awarded it. So as JD150 said (2 years ago) they are stilled issued, if your manager applies for it, for you.
  6. "There does need to be something below the MBE,OBE etc to show recognition for those who make the big society happen."

    There is, it's called the British Empire Medal.
  7. Navy widow in Dalgety bay, received hers in April 2003. She was a clerk, at both Craigehall and Dunfermline TaC prior to retirement.
  8. But the BEM has only recently been brough back in, it was taken out in 1993 and I would say brough back so that Miss Miggins, who's been a lollypop lady without a day off for 110 years can have a BEM, freeing up an MBE so "Call me Dave" can give his barber an MBE.
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    I'll have anything me as long as I don't have to pay for it!
  10. My Dad got the ISM back in the mid '80s when he retired from the Post Office.
  11. One National Defence medal coming right up!
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  12. Syphilis?
  13. Must be due to 'Cyclops' intervention..workshy cnut...
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    Sex without paying for it! Where'd you get that?