Imperial or metric?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by broadside, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone kindly tell me which the army normally use?
  2. Both! hope that helps :-D
  3. Whatever it likes e.g.

    "That shot was only a fanny hair out"

    "I want to see you cnuts move at the speed of a thousand leaping gazelles"
  4. or...up a tadge...a gnats knacker even! hehehe :D
  5. I use
    "It is a nats knacker out "

    Bloody good measurement.
  6. "I'll leather you to within 2.5cm of your life" hasn't quite got the same ring to it has it? :wink:
  7. So I’m guessing that you would say "I’m doing four K' an hour" not "2 and a half miles an hour"?

    I work in K's.

    Oh, and out of curiosity why do the military use Mils on their compasses and not degrees? Degrees seem more precise to me. Just couldn’t work it out.

  8. Precisely the opposite. 6400 mils in a circle 360 degrees in one so mils are the more accurate measure.
  9. However, on a march you still work in increments of 10 mils, so only 640 in a circle. Still doubly accurate though.
  10. A 'mil' is a milliradian

    An angle of one milliradian subtends one unit length at a distance of 1000 units length so it becomes a piece of cake for MFCs and Arty types to work out complicated thingies in their heads.

    Just ask anyone in the Mor PL
  11. AAAH, thanks i am enlightened.

    You all grace me with your bountifull knowlege!

    but the compass i accidaintly bought with mills instead of degrees had less little lines on it?

    oh i dont know.