Impending deployment.

Here is a question to all you guys and girls out there, especially aimed at those of you who went to the sandy place last time.

1.What kit did you take last time and didn't use?

2. What kit do you wish you had taken, but hadn't?

MDN, you will probably tell me loads of which 5% will be useful, the rest crap, but thanks anyway. It is a serious question, I have my own ideas, but will gratefully take some pointers.
A solution called 009 its available at your local gun shop / airgun outlet.  £2.00 per bottle

It allows you to clean and lube your rifle / GPMG without all the sand etc sticking to it.

See Mr Bigglesworth a serious answer.

Take a can of Chum too, just in case there is an unwanted puppy roaming through the desert...remember Switch Mr Bigs???
Thanks guys, but one question MDN, who, or what was Switch................I am a sieve head, remember.


Before you leave make sure you brief a chum to send you some "special" bottles of mouthwash at weekly intervals.
Just remembered THE most important thing. Take lots and lots of cap badges, berets and staple belts.

The yanks will trade their own grandmothers for any of the above, we managed to get cots, MRE's (a lot easier to cook than Compo by chucking them on the exhaust manifold before you go driving off, get to the other end and you have immediate hot scran), yank issue desi wellies and lots, lots more.

Also try and get your own GPS (unless things have dramatically changed and they actually issue them to everyone now, but I doubt it) for when you get sent of into the middle of nowhere in the dark and the OC expects you to be able to read the map that resembles a piece of sandpaper.

None issue insect repellant, sunblock, shades, buy a shemagh (the towel thing that you wrap around yer head, how the fcuk do you spell that?), own gas cooker, BIG thermos flask, lots of batteries (walkman), your own cold weather gear (it does get fcuking cold at night).

If it's anything like last time take an empty holdall as well. Not that the age old tradition of "booty collecting" is allowed anymore, but it was a bast*rd trying to shove all of the trophies liberated from the stiffs into carrier bags, as well as all the GW2 T-Shirts that the choggies will be selling by the boatload.

I am currently reminiscing whilst looking at a couple of berets and a number plate of a tank that didn't need it any more, anyone read Iraqi?
Switch was the small Dog adopted by the regiment I believe it was found in an american JCB going throught the breach but am probably wrong, still very cute though

ORG good idea about the bag for booty.

Don't take a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower the extention lead will never reach ;D

Passionfish, my bottles of mouthwash, scotch flavour was sent in a sarsons vinegar bottle.
What about a photo of Sniper Bird to keep the Beasties and creepy crawlies out of your basha. ;D

Also take a scrap book to keep all the filthy pics that get sent from the sun viewers when they adopt a squaddie. I kept mine with a UK road atlas, and tried to correspond with birds from towns near the motorway networks the plan was to go on a round the country whooping trip while on leave. 8)

This failed when i got blown out by the first minger in St Helens :-[
Womens tights

Take them for the reasons that Flash mentions but hey you can cross dress in the field too. They also make yer arse look like a burglar so you can amuse yourself for hours in the Bowser wing mirrors ;D

And if your taking tights why not take a boob tube & heels too
Womens tights

Take them for the reasons that Flash mentions but hey you can cross dress in the field too. They also make yer arse look like a burglar so you can amuse yourself for hours in the Bowser wing mirrors
LOLOLOL  another MDN-induced mental picture moment :)  
Oh God,

I'm sat here , reduced to tears of Mirth. Yep, another MDN picture moment -lololololol

Never mind sitting the return engagement here as a civvy instructor MDN, you need a Battlefield commission as a one man concert party, to keep our morale up wiv
ORG my strongest allie turns on me taking my serious post off thread......... It'll end in tears

I can some everything up in one word in response to your outburst....BRUMMIE, now then lets move on to Timothy Spalls charachter Barry

From now on read all ORGs posts with his accent in mind ;D

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