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With the summer fast approaching, we thought you might want a little help in getting into shape for the beach. We’re offering you a fantastic discount on our most popular muscle-building whey protein. When you buy two pouches of the same size and flavour, you get the third half-price!

Impact Whey Protein is a premium grade whey protein that delivers high protein content in seven great tasting flavours. Sourced entirely from western European milk, it combines an excellent amino acid profile with the highest biological value of any protein on the market. Impact Whey Protein is ideal for building and repairing quality lean muscle for optimum results.

Flavours:Banana I Chocolate Mint I Chocolate Nut I Chocolate Smooth I Raspberry I Strawberry I Vanilla I Unflavoured
Size: 1kg I 2.5kg I 5kg

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Have you reduced the gag-reflex though?

We always welcome feedback that is constructive and try to improve our product offering by listening to our customers. Impact Whey Protein® is produced using only premium grade whey, delivering a high 82% protein content. This product has broken all sales records due to its exceptional value for money and great taste.

However, if you want to try new and different flavours, our MP MAX range is our range of premium sports supplements and may offer something you prefer. You can read more here.



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Spam. Mods pse delete thread.
How is it spam when he is site sponsor who obviously pays money so he can advertise his product to a certain degree?

MP, I use your impact whey and I think it is good stuff, the pouch/bag it comes in so much more convenient than a tub too.

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