Impact of housing benefit changes 'worse than feared'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. You can be assured that not one single penny of the £150m earmarked for vulnerabla claimants will assist any vulnerable claimants. It will all be spent on council waste and busllshit
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  2. From the article, "............................ they have large family homes lying empty because tenants cannot afford to move into them................"

    Confused. Wouldn't these tenants be able to get help with their rents?
    Or is just this more shroud waving?
  3. I presume the houses have more bedrooms than the families involved "qualify" for.
  4. oldbaldy

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    So the wrong sort of houses were being built.

    Three bed semi's when one bed flats were required.
  5. I'm a big supporter of this move, however, where it's failing and the fundamental issue to the whole scheme is; Why charge someone extra for an empty room when there's no available smaller properties that will suit their family needs?

    The positive side for me, with the only caveat to there being a surplus of 1/2 bed propeties available, is that pensioners, the singletons and others, are getting 'encouraged' to move out there 3/4 bed homes to make way for whole familes to occupy instead of living in shabby sub-standard and cramped temporary accommodation

    My wife deals with dozens of young familes living in dire conditions because there's no 'proper' housing available, and in the same breath, I know of dozens of older couples sans kids, who occupy reasonable large properties but have no intention, I assume, of them giving them up for a smaller one
  6. Oldies hate change and they'll take a financial hit before they'll up sticks.

    After the next elections, when I have no doubt whatsoever we will have a Labour government, this issue more than any other will be quoted as the rock the coalition foundered upon. "Cameron's Poll Tax" even.

    It's probably not that important in the grand scheme of things, but it makes for an excellent soundbite.
  7. With the boy Milliband, or will Balls have shafted him out by then?
  8. Seems like the system is working pretty well then.

    All those welfare class that previously opted for bigger houses than they needed - paid for by the taxpayer - are now thinking twice about granding it up.
  9. Could be an amusingly shaped carrot, doesn't matter. It won't be so much a vote for Labour as a vote against the Tories.
  10. To be fair, ARRSE is awash with links to articles saying exactly that early 2010

    Cameron and the gang will be fully aware of the austerity backlash, they just have to keep hammering home the 'Labour put us here' message and hopes it resonates with the (few) who actually go out to vote.
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  11. Just like the people who earn a living can't live in the house they desire, why should these people subsidise the doleys to live in better houses than they can.
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  12. The only things that really resonate with people are the amount they have in their pocket and their access to the government supplied services that they want.

    On that basis Dave's prospects aren't great and I suspect he knows it.
  13. Problem's a lot of low density housing stock built when the population were younger and better at breeding. You've also got a population with very high expectations of the amount of (often squalidly maintained) living space they need in an around a dwelling. Not something there is a quick fix for and that's what this is.
  14. Single men are having a hard time getting council accommodation as well. Also cheap single flats were I live are predominantly only available to over 55. Its really grating that a person over the age of 55 gets a single flat/bungalow for a third of the cost that I would have to pay. I have even looked at mobile home parks, (the nice ones) and cannot buy as I am under 55. I am desperate for accommodation. It is even worse renting at the moment, 500 pound a month to live in a large bedroom in a house of multi occupancy, 2,500 pound a month the landlord gets in his pocket, possibly earning 1500 a month after the mortgage is paid off. I looked in the village near where I live, small cottages, one bedroom cant buy one as all the second people have bought them and built extensions turning them into holiday lets.

    Landlords, Councils, Second Home Owners greed has cost those of us the chance to live independently. After 19 years of service it looks like I will have to go back to my parents for a short while to live. I joined the army wearing my school uniform, bag with wash kit and underwear and with 13 pound in my pocket. I will leave with a pension and gratuity and am looking forward to coming back with cap in hand.