Evening all,

I'm due to start CMS (R) soon, the final 2 week stage of my TA basic training.

I'm told by my PSI that i'm going to need several jabs before i go, as i can't start without certificates of immunisation. However, he had to rush off the phone before he could finish explaining and i have a few questions.

1. Which immunisations do i need?
2. How much do they cost?
As a student..i don't have a shed of money to spend on jabs. I know that i can claim them back but i'm unaware how long this will take, and i can't claim it back if i don't have it to spend in the first place.

Want to get this sorted ASAP, as my course is booked for 2nd week in April and would rather not have to re-book.

Any and all help appreciated,

Many thanks

You need a jab to the head.

Phone him back, you muppet.


They are going to drug you up to your eye balls son, dont worry, it will just be like a bad dream. :D

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