Imminent Iran Attack Plan Alleged: Truth Or Rubbish?

Us Troops Prepared To Attack Iran
Bush Said To Be Seeking “Persian Gulf Incident”
By William Thomas

The author speaks with what sounds (to me, a lifelong civilian) a fluent grasp of military jargon. He claims to have well-placed, anonymous contacts who tell him that:

1. The administration has long since had its mind made up to launch the attack.

2. The administration has already issued readiness orders to field commanders.

3. The administration has drawn up plans for an inept, ill-conceived, "Little Bighorn" type invasion. (Including HALO delivery of heavy equipment.)

4. The only reason why the strike has not already been launched is because high ranking officers are balking.

I'd be interested in a professional's assessment of whether this article has real substance or is just a well-crafted pack of lies and disinformation.
This has to be a 'worst case' theoretical article. Purely because he does not mention the reaction of Europe, China, Russla , india etc etc , and of course, rampaging hacked off shi'a in the rear.
A worrying read indeed, I couldnt belive what I was reading about using trains to transport tanks it sounds like something out of WW2. The plan sounds very Vietnam-like, perhaps this is the modern day invasion of Cambodia....
8O Christ, this article seems to be suggesting that America is seriously putting plans in place to invade Iran! It doesn't eveb look like a theroretical study... Not good. :?

EDIT: Not saying he's obviously writing the truth, but it DOES make you think!
mark1234 said:
crap from the tin foil hat brigade
Agreed, the guys a conspiracy theory nut. He is also a journo/Author trying to plug his latest and greatest book.
Author has cleverly taken a handful of 'facts' and placed them all in a line and then filled in the gaps. Result looks something like this:
2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 2222
Looks neat hey! and some poor dumb hick from Hicksville will believe it...

Here's an example:
William Thomas said:
When an additional division of 10,000 to 15,000 seasoned troops specializing in rugged terrain was also ordered to prepare for redeployment in the Persian Gulf Theater, enough red flags went up to stop the game.
The first part of this is accurate and is code for the 10th Mountain Division. The second part is partly inaccurate, in that they were ordered to prepare for redeployment is SW Asia not PG. Result is, 10th Mt Div are currently lead force in Afghanistan.

Want more examples of abysmal analysis or deliberate distortion of the truth?
going to be very very stupid and could risk the USA having their ass kicked, I can't see us taking part as we are over stretched as it is, the Iranian will dig in for the long haul, they are quite good at that during the Iran/Iraq war.


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Anyone spot the bio of the author? Spent four years training to be an officer in the US Navy reserves?
Dont see how they could get away with using nukes in a response to a "incident"...
I have to admit i never saw it likely that US will attack Iran in the near future because of the state Iraq is in. If Iraq had turned out ok, and 130 000 troops were not needed there, and if Bush could get another 4 years in the presidency and remain popular, then maybe, but thi sguy is letting his anti right wing invective make his judgements..
OK then Uncle Sam - Off you go! Sorry, we can't be arrsed to follow you down another dead end, so we'll just stay here thanks!

Bush is a fcukwit! And you are all so gullible!
Hold up, Digital Geek! None of us actually said we thought it was true, and moast people have said pretty much what you said. So who exactly IS gullible? :)
So the announced, planned and “scheduled” replacement of the B52’s for the B2’s on Diego is, as we know a normal rotation.

We know this but do they know this?

Ok it is in the open press but if it was my party and I found out about this , I might think a little ?.