Immigration up by over 20%

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sentinel, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. The number of immigrants entering the UK has increased by 21%, according to new government figures released today:

    BBC News - Net migration total up by a fifth

    So, the politicians are cutting back on expenditure left right and centre, cutting back on police, smashing the armed forces, yet they are happy to welcome thousands more immigrants. I don't know why we bother anymore - the liberal elite in this country just could not give a damn.
  2. Oh dear, another fuckwit quoting numbers he doesn't understand to make some kind of political point.

    Education? I don't know why we bother with these *****.

    Any chance of you raising the emmigration figures by one?
  3. Micawber, the politicians promised to cut immigration. They clearly haven't. So why is Sentinel a fuckwit?
  4. Human rights, dammit!
  5. Because if you read the story there is an I and an M missing from immigration
  6. I blame the emigrants!
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  7. Just read the story. The OP's thrust is that immigration has gone up by 20 per cent.

    It hasn't.

    It has gone up by 10k, ie hardly at all and as the story points out these figures pre-date the Coalition's crack down.

    It is the fact that, due to a worldwide recession, fewer people are leaving the UK to work abroad.

    The key is the use of the word 'Net'.

    Numbnuts has simply read what he wanted to read, rather than what is actually written.
  8. Does this mean my warm up exercises of teeth gnashing and frothing at the mouth have all been in vain?
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  9. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Yet the underlying point still remains - the population of this country increased by 239,000 people last year due to economic migration. The country cannot afford this scale of population increase.

    - We cannot create jobs fast enough to cater for this increase. If you add together the unemployed and the 80% of people on disability allowance who have been shown to be fit for work in some form, we have about 5 million people not in employment. Every economic migrant increases the size of this pool.

    - We are not building houses fast enough to cater for this increase.

    - The rest of our infrastructure - schools, hospitals, prisons, etc - is struggling to cater for this influx of economic migrants.

    - As many of these economic migrants send substantial parts of their income home every month, they are not spending it in the UK high street and thus boosting the UK economy.

    I draw a clear distinction between people seeking political asylum and economic migration. We should support the former and block the latter.

    Reduced to its most simplistic, the current scale of economic migration is significantly harming the UK.

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  10. We're doomed, doomed!
  11. Wordsmith - I'm not disaggreeing with what you say.

    But the first thing we need, and we are getting there, is a sensible discussion about it all without accusations of racism flying about the place.

    And when people like the OP go around ripping off numbers like he has done now stating that the number of immigrants has just gone up by a fifth when it clearly hasn't then it simply promotes hysteria.

    He is either thick himself or he has an agenda which assumes we are dense enough to swallow his nonsense.

    It's an epic fail whichever way you look at it.
  12. Whatever way you look at it there are too many immigrants in this country. I'd get rid of many of them and get the indigenous population to do the work. If they don't want to do it I'd get rid of them as well.
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  13. I make it rise of just under 1.4% on last year's immigration numbers going by the BBC figures.
  14. Final solution to the non employed question
  15. Having a Polly Toynbee moment today are we? :wink: