Immigration spot checks unlawful !!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Madjock72, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Immigrant spot checks: Equality watchdog investigates

    Seem`s like a bloody good idea, if they are not meant to be here send them home. And the unpaid fines of which only £25m has been paid out of £80m is very simple to get back. Give them the choice of paying the money or get deported as well, cause i bet most of them are from the same bloody country originally or seize the business and bank accounts its not like we need another indian/pizza/chinese etc.
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  2. The equality act or more accurately a section of it will dictate that racial profiling of any type cannot take place. It is being alleged that the Border Agency were only stopping blacks for questioning.

    The principle of the idea is a good one and it has clearly pissed off cleggy and the limp dems to it cannot be all bad, however they should carry it out within the law. Minister was on saying the Op was inteliigence led and they were looking for someone in particular. Wouldn't surprise me if he was black given this was the profile of those they were questioning

    More pertinently it only took Baroness Lawrence of Shooters Hill one day (after being ennobled) to get her mug all over our news screens condemning the Home Office as racist.
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  3. One government agency does something, another checks that they're doing it correctly. These are the safeguards that prevent us being subjected to abuses of power. It's the system working as intended.
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  4. And you surprised because?...
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I notice that former Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Health, Education, etc, Alan Johnston stated on LBC earlier that 'this never happened under us'.

    Strange that, as I remember when, under a Labour government and with Red Ken in charge that dawn raids on China Town in London were 'condemned' for being 'racist and unfair'. There was a subsequent 'summit', whereby it was agreed that Immigration would give 'fair warning' next time.

    Right, to enable the illegals to feck off and hide for the day then?

    These rail station checks have been going on for years. All you have to do is watch 'Border Force' and its predecessor on telly, they are doing repeats even now. Nothing has changed in the policy, and they usually pick up a fair number of 'illegals' every day, so I hear.

    Another story I heard, involved an IC-3 gentleman who took exception to being asked for some kind of evidence of his identity at an underground station a little while back and made a complaint. Strangely, the checks stopped for quite some time in that area. Apparently he was a 'Deputy, deputy something or other' under Boris Johnson.

    But I digress. It is a bit odd that this has come out right after the 'go home bus' started driving around areas with significantly high numbers of illegal immigrants isn't it? Either the Council leader of Brent has ambitions for a move into the big boys arena, or someone across the bench has an ulterior motive.
  6. Nelson Mandela better hurry up and throw a 7 as Doreen Lawrence is ready, waiting, and just itching to take over from him,
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  7. I haven't seen any of this coverage, but I trust that one of the reporters/interviewers thought to ask her, since she clearly disagrees with the UKBA intel, what she believes the demographic of the UK illegal immigrant population to be.
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  8. You appear to be defending a tactic that the UKBA deny having used. Racial profiling is a bit like euthanising disabled children. It's easy to make a common sense argument for, but it's also deeply unfair with far wider social implications than might immediately be obvious.
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  9. You dont get many white illegal immigrants compared to ethnic immigrants so your catching the biggest denomination. Only people that need worry is illegals in the country.

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  10. Profiling the illegal immigrant population.
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  11. Just apply the toaster test and job done
  12. The critics of these so called UKBA raids need to consider that the majority of 'Intel' is from some very pissed of people in there communities.
  13. Of course, of course. Mind If I call you racist?
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Let's be logical here. Almost everyone in Europe, less a few Russkies, is allowed to claim quite legal residence in the UK. There are, historically, few illegal immigrants from the USA, Canada, NZ, Aus, and similar places. The vast majority of those who are illegal immigrants will be from Africa, various parts of Asia, S America - it's not 'racist' to say so, surely, as it is the truth? I don't know, maybe it is nowadays. Anyway, if you want to get the maximum effect from your visits to Waterloo or wherever, then it's probably entirely sensible to target using a modicum of common sense.

    Either that, or pick people completely at random, making sure that you only target x% of each group of less, where x is their proportion of the overall UK population - which is a very sill way of doing things.
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  15. You might want to start here....

    BBC News - Diplomats owe £67m in London congestion charge fines