Immigration petition tops 100,000

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pp0470, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Despite being over 100,000 that's still not many people given the enormity of the issue.
  2. It is considering it's only been up for two weeks & there's another 50 to go.
  3. So 0.07% of the population don't want imigration? that'll ******* learn em!
  4. Or that the X Factor finals are on - the collective intellegence of our society is that of laboratory rats.

    Just wait till the Sun gets a hold of it.

    It does make you wonder though, no wonder our political elite take such liberties, if there are only 100,000 politically active ( if a couple of mouse clicks can be defined as active) people in this country, then we deserve everything the EU shafts us with.
  5. In a fortnight? Gotta be one of the fastest petitions to hit 100 thousand signatures
    Indicates a pretty strong strength of public opinion
  6. Nonsense, these 100,000 are clearly racists and the wagons will be around to arrest them for crimes against humanity.
  7. You forget, there's been an election and its now socially acceptable to dislike the multi-cultural ideal

  8. Not a fortnight, eight days it went live on the 1st Of November.
  9. Even more impressive then!
  10. I posted this on another epetition type thread.

    e petitions. Jeez.

    I really haven't got a view on this, and certainly haven't got the time or inclination for a good rant.


    Has an e petition ever, even once forced a change in the law? Has an e petition done anything useful at all? Excluding of course the 'feel good factor' it may give to the signatory.

    As I understand it, an e petition needs at least 100,000 signatures before it's accepted as having passed the 'let's have a chat about this' stage.

    The petition is discussed by back benchers and not in Government time. Back benchers are are not the law changers and have no clout.

    e petitions are just side dressing for the Government, it's a joke, a fable that allows the Government to look like they actually care about the little guy. 100,000 people is a very small percentage of the UK population. 100,000 people are not going to change anything.

    Behave yourselves. There was approximately 250,000 signatures on a recent petition, asking for benefits to be removed from those thieving individuals involved in the recent riots/looting. What's happened to that? 1/4 million people bother to sign and....zilch.

    Don't get me started on the long running Capital Punishment petition either.

    There are, in my lowly opinion, three fundamental errors with e petitions and one major one.

    Firstly, each signature will relate to an address, (one of those Internet IP things the mods here go on about from time to time) these Internet Protocol addresses are not checked, it's far too time consuming to do that, even if the Government petition watchers could be arrsesd with the actual petition subject.

    This lack of checking undermines the whole process. Of course most e petitions start off with good intentions, and are signed (initially) by those that care about the topic in question. But then, yep, you've guessed it the moonbeamers hop on board. Bollocky names and multiple signatures. Bored teenagers who wish to show their angst against a Government they can't understand. Loony tunes with names like B Shorrt and Shorrt Arrse will crop up. Guaranteed.

    Secondly. There are bloody thousands of these petitions kicking around, some have only half a dozen signatures, others have a few more. To keep it close to the Arrse home, we have peeps like ronangel who love these petitions. It seems to justify a cause for them. "Look, look, I've started an e petition, I'm a legitimate protester now." Er, no you're not, your a ******* pest. And that's how these petitions will be treated at SW1A 00A. Pests being swatted away, left right and liberal.

    Thirdly. The general populace, and especially the middle England crowd, who do have a bit of clout, cannot be arrsed with the whole thing. They love a riot with a bit of looting thrown in for good measure. No they do. Not that they join in or anything, oh no, they'll throw their little arms in the air, there will be great amounts speaking in tongues and gnashing of teeth, of course. But that's after they've watched it all unfold on TV.

    Yes middle England, the close up High Definition film footage of carnage on the streets of the city, will beam its way through their SKY boxes and into a 42" (purchased, not looted) LED widescreen, digital TV. They'll crack open the popcorn and bloody love it. But they can't be arrsed to make a proper stand.

    They can't even be arrsed to write a letter to their MPs. They probably don't even know how much a first class stamp costs. Do you?

    Not that an MP is remotely interested in pulling its gravy covered snout from the trough to open a ******* letter.

    Some of the populace, a very small percentage of them, will pull out the trusty laptop and find an e petition to click on. Job jobbed, and they'll lean back in their BFO chairs, with a big fat cheesy smug grins on their popcorn covered chops.

    So to the major reason, the main overriding factor in my argument, the very real reason why I won't be signing an e petition anytime soon, has already been stated and alluded to, a number of times on this thread by jarrod...

    You people just get in the way. Politicians of every hue, ******* despise you.
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  11. Politicians will just ignore the issue.

    Nothing to see, nothing will be done, move along, the bus has been cancelled.
  12. Your reading, but you're not digesting. It's not enough. The issue is a major one, which affects all of us. There should be more of an interest taken and more signatures on that petition to let them see just how serious we take this issue. The public should be swamping that petition.
  13. Das X Factor?
  14. Part of the problem is that there are too many.

    The link below shows in excess of 100 currently running petitions and in excess of 100 that have been binned. And that's just immigration.

    Search results - e-petitions