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Immigration Documentation...

While doing some research I came across the 1923 Canadian Government Immigration Regulations...The following are the actual " prohibited classes "

""The following is a summary of the classes whose admission to Canada is prohibited under the Canadian Immigration Act. these regulations do not, however, apply to Canadian citizens and persons leaving Canadian domicile.
a] Idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, epileptics, insane persons and persons who have been insane at any time previously;
b] Persons afflicted with tuberculosis in any form or with any loathsome disease, or with a disease which is contagious or infectious or which may become dangerous to the public health, whether such persons intend to settle in Canada or only to pass through Canada in transit to some other country;
c] Immigrants who are dumb, blind, or otherwise physically defective;
d]Persons who have been convicted of, or admit having committed, any crime involving moral turpitude;
e] Prostitutes and women and girls coming to Canada for any immoral purpose and pimps and persons living on the avails of prostitution;
f] Persons who procure or attempt to bring into Canada prostitutes or women or girls for the purpose of prostitution or other immoral purpose;
g] Professional beggars or vagrants;
h] Charity aided immigrants whose sailing has not been authorized by the Superintendadnt of Emmigration for Canada in London, England;
i] Person, other than British subjects, who do not comply with the continuous journey and passport regulations;
j] Persons who are likely to become a public charge;
k] Persons of constitutional psychopathic inferiority;
l] Persons afflicted with chronic alcoholism

Anarchists and persons who disbelieve in or are opposed to organised government.
Persons who have been rejected on application to enter Canada and persons who have been deported from Canada, unless a special Permit is issued by the Minister of Immigration, Ottawa, Canada.
Persons over 15 years of age, physically capable of reading, who cannot read some language or dialect. This regulation does not apply to a father or grandfather over 55 years of age, a wife, mother, grandmother or an unmarried or widowed daughter, if otherwise admisssable.""

Ahh... the good old days....
My how things have changed..... :lol:
Did they send the rejects south ?
This sounds like some of the areas I grew up near as a young child :cry:

Good times, 2CB
Did they send the rejects south ?
Yes, hence the reason people from Chicago and Detroit look and talk funny. ("How ya doon, guyees?")

Who else would pick the coldest fcuking places in America, situated close to small sea-sized lakes that freeze over regularly, and think, "Ah, home!"? They are clearly resettlement camps for Canada's rerouted mongs, illiterates and criminals.

Now excuse me while I go out to the rooftop BBQ and turn over the steaks...when it's 71F with a gentle ocean breeze coming through, it's easy to lose track of time. :D
You lucky, lucky B@stard !!

God Bless and good luck.

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