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Seriously thinking about moving away from the UK (currently in BFG) in a couple of years when my 22 is done, Canada being fav, cant fault the place for what iam after, But ive been trawling the net looking at what the Canadians require from me.

It seems very difficult to transfer Army qualifications into Civi ones on the many web sites ive tried, does anyone know of any Firms Etc that specialise in assisting ex Forces who can transfer our speak into official terms, also looking to tailor my 2 years pre-release into something that will assist my employability.

Thanks in advance :wink:
What I would recommend is getting a Canadian Lawyer who will guide you through the process. They will convert your Quals into what our colonial friends call NOC's. They will help you out from there. Sme Lawyers even have contacts with recruitment agencies.
will try a wee bit more on the internet, see if i can find a decent lawyer who knows whats what
This website is designed for people who want to translate military trades into civilian ones. It has a drop down menu that lists the trades and also links to what different ranks are responsible for, all in civilian terms.

Unfortunately it doesn't have much on combat arms. But here is a listing in civilian terms that could help

Finally here's the National Occupational Classification. See you job matches any of those and it'll help in the immigration process

Good luck
It depends on your trade. Thanks to a huge oil boom in Alberta the Canadian economy is going throught the roof. If you have a construction trade you should get in with no problems. The Canadian embassy has a list of job shortages, if your trade is on that list you should be ok. A word of warning though, it isn't cheap and it can take a while to get approval.
All well and good to use a lawyer but they will charge for any service so before you part with your hard earned cash drop this company a line and they can advise on the process required.

They cannot do your immigration (they have assisted others).

One thing that pisses people off over here is that all to many ex service personnel think they are better and nobody can do the job they can. Its ok to think that but to voice that all the time just gets the locals backs up and ex-pats a bad name.

If you have any questions just ask, I have been in canada for 6 yrs, I love the place.

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