Immigration & Asylum Seekers - International Law?

The question of asylum seekers and Immigration is the burning issue not just in the UK but here in Australia and many other countries globally.

It surely cannot be considered racism to weigh the fact that the influx of other cultures into another is bound, in time to lead to a clash of cultures and cause resentment , even leading to civil unrest?

I was always led to believe that under international convention and law, the whole question of asylum seekers was addressed in terms of those seeking legitimate political asylum whilst fleeing political persecution.

There is, as far as I am aware, no recognized legitimate status for an economic refugee. Furthermore, the situation relating to immigration should not be driven by the desire or needs of those seeking to move from one country to another for economic reasons, the power house of government policy should be to pitch immigration on balanced and reasoned considerations such as the ability to speak the language and to assimilate, further consideration ought to be given to the impact on the existing population if an inbalance is created culturally and the ramifications of this inbalance.

The time has arrived for a sensible debate to be conducted before the vaccunm created by politicians refusing to debate the topic or formulate sesnible policy is filled by the extremists out there.

What do others think?
I think you write very eloquently. Have you considered journalism as a career?
Thankfully journalism never appealed to me as a career so I chose Insurance underwriting instead.

The question remains however a serious one, if the main parties continue to run scared of addresing the burning issues of asylum and immigration then they create a huge vaccum into which the fringe parties of both extremes will ride.

Like the ostrich, burying their collective political heads in the sand does not make the dangers go away does it?

Better to grasp the nettle, and hold a rational serious and balanced debate about the whole issue of immigration and asylum in the longer term interests of those already resident and those seeking to settle in the UK.

A slight twist on the theme, for evil to prosper here, all the mainstream politicians need to do is NOTHING
I am not sure I 'get' the point you are raising... the processing and (if merited) granting of refugee status - certainly within the UK - already pays no mind, gives no credence to 'economic migration'.

It is considered on the grounds of persecution due to beliefs (political, religious, lifestyle etc).

So what is it that you are actually asking?

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