Immigration and autism- Apparently England is bad for you.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, May 21, 2010.

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    It appears that first generation immigrants to the UK have children with significantly higher rates of autism. It's much more commonly diagnosed now than it used to be, but it would be interesting to know if this also applies in the other direction- If you emigrate, are you going to put your future kids at risk? Is this nature's way of tellingyou to stay put?
  2. Or natures way of telling the newly arrived how best to jump on the benefits gravy train?
  3. Not saying the article is wrong but from my own research it points the finger in another direction from something as wooly and unlikely as 'the stress of moving'. Having been to boarding school with hundreds of kids being shipped all over the place constantly and having only one with aspergers in the entire place I would disagree with the conclusion.

    There is a massive amount of incest and close familial marriages that takes place in new immigrant communities. Partially due to the gheottisation via multiculturalism but primarily due to the religious strictures of fundemental Islam and arranged wedlock.

    There was a suppressed study done by Manchester Royal Infirmary pre/post natal unit that I did some stats on for my midwife flatmates which had 55% of all children born in the unit during 2008/9 as from either direct blood relation (brother, father) or near blood relation (1st cousin). Thats not a selective statistic either, its of ALL children born there (several thousand).

    So the amount of congenative birth defects and neurological issues is catastrophic in 1st and 2nd generation immigrant famalies, a lot of it including the huge rise in Downs is not really seen as it is kept inside the home out of sight and welfare does not get involved.

    There was another study done by Prof. Mike Savage in the early 2000s which showed that the average IQ of teenagers in the North West had dropped significantly in the last 20 years due to the huge amount of severe learning difficulties, autism and other neurological issues being thrown up by immigrant communities. Though it was largely shouted down as racist/eugenecist (even though it had a valid socio-biological argument i.e. fundemental religion is bad for an establishing immigrant community). Or the bright kids had been stabbed or got hooked on crack.
  4. Not entirely disagreeing, as I have heard similar, but then we should also see a similar pattern of combined autism with other hereditary disease from a shallow genepool in very rural areas of the UK. For instance, I believe Huntingdon's disease is very regional (?)
    There's always been village idiots, but that's not quite the case here. Also, the rates are worst for Caribbean and African, but not Asian. Anyway, the Islamic influence masks a real cultural factor. It's a property and inheritance issue found in most poor rural communities. You marry within the family to keep the property from escaping. Similar behaviour used to be found in the nobility, who kept on marrying their cousins, and generated large numbers of chinless wonders. Queen Victoria's haemophilia raced through the European royal families, the 'Habsburg jaw' and so on.
    My personal guess is unfashionable, but I think it might be due to sudden changes in diet, and exposure to unusual foodstuffs.
  5. Thats an astonishing figure, do you have a source for that?
    I'd be quite interested to know more.
  6. No the article was never published after it was shot down internally, if you want to know more I can point you at the people you can contact but it was essentially****ed over by the incompetent nursing scandal at the nearby St Mary's (if you can remember that). I think you will be hard pressed to find anything published on this because NHS trusts are so tightly locked into the national deception on the true cost of immigration (on welfare carrying capacity), perhaps with the new Government and new research funding arrangements we may see some objective analysis finally.

    I believe the study came on the back of this move by Phil Woolas to address the issue i.e. to provide a statistical base for medical opinion which was not comprimised by preference selection (i.e. to just look at everyone instead of one group).

    but I think Woolas met with intense pressure from groups within the Labour party and most of the research was dropped or unpublished. I knew there was an ongoing sister study looking at areas with high levels of Somalian immigration in London.

    I agree hector, inbreeding is a cultural issue (or has been) in all societies due to geographical and cultural pressures. But the sheer scale of immigration and the welfare state has escelated this issue massively. Also the legal rammifications are more difficult to make clear and enforce in a community with little to no grasp of English language or law and with a female population who is not allowed to communicate with the outside world. To what amounts to legalised rape (and breeding to death for several dozen women who see it as gods will to have children no matter how dangerous it is to their health).