Immigrating to Canada

:? Well guys and gals, ive done it.
i met a candian girl and got loved up lol. and i love the country and anyone whos been there will agree that it is a awsome place to go and visit let alone work. I love it there, but point aside, i curious. I have been in the army for four years in september and wish to immigrate over there asap, i have only actually served for two years though as i was a boy soldier for two of them (WHICH SUCKS! cheers army :wink: ) anyway. i was just wondering when i can actually sign off to do this and if anyone is in the same situation OR if anyone isnt in the same situation but have still imigrated over there.

OR if anyones done it and regretted it and its not worked???????

Feel free to laugh at this idea of myn but hey. Also this is a shot in the dark, but has anyone immigrated to be a fireman? If so could you give me some advice????
Some advice? Sure - it's emigrating :wink:

I can understand your eagerness to get going but the army has just spent two years training you, spending thousands of pounds in the process. Now the Queen wants her pound of flesh back so you've got a few more years to push yet mate.
Yea, i know, and im serving in Afghan now as we speak as a VM and loving it. I dont hate the army, i love it, but i feel i need to move on, i cant leave till 2010 anyway. but i think 6 years will have done me and my country proud, i will have done my tour and done my part.

I cant live in the UK and the younger i am in doing this the better, because if it all goes Pete Tong then i can just turn round and come home.
But thankyou for my spelling correction lol :eek:
it wasnt a spelling correction, you used the wrong word!
Hope the tour goes safely, best thing you should do before you even think about signing off is making sure that you meet all the ticks in the box for Canada's entry requirements. And if all goes a bit Pete Tong and you find yourself falling a bit short then you could look at transferring across to the Canadian Army of which there are plenty of threads within the ARRSE forums.

good luck with everything and please dont tell us that you met her downtown while you were exercising at BATUS?!!!!
Matt, There are numerous threads on heading off to Canada, and as Azrael mentions numerous threads on joining the CF. Here are a few to get you started on the Canada question.

Now, keep in mind that major changes to the Immigration Act are about to happen here, so I'd suggest you also read this site until your eyes bleed. and have a general poke around the official Canadian site at:

Also keep in mind that getting into Canada may take a considerable time so count on doing a few more years in the Army until you get your papers. You may very well be refused entry based on your own merits (if you lack the skill sets that are currently required) and have to go the route of marrying a Canuck to get in. Even that takes time and demonstrating that you have a genuine relationship and not a marriage of convenience is just one more hurdle to get over.

Best thing to do? Take some of your leave periods and head over a few times (to different parts of the country) and see if you are still enamoured with both the girl and scenery.
84 points! Get in! :)

If its any help, I'm in Toronto now and the 'official' line is that you try for anywhere OTHER than Ontario

The local car-manufacturing sector is taking a nose-dive and people are nervous about jobs and the cost of living

At the 'Canada Day' event a few days ago, the immigration lady suggested applying for work in Alberta, BC and Yukon - as those are the areas with least pressure on the job market an most to gain from fresh-faces

It seems that if you've got the relatively simple skill-sets etc, they'll take you on.

My last week in Toronto just makes me so envious of this country...and determined to leave the UK behind

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