Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Great!

    "... Jakub Swiderek said Polish people were made to feel welcome in Northern Ireland."

    Now if there's to be mass immigration to the UK's shores, these are the sort of people I'd like to see, not surly suicidalists with a chip on their shoulder. They make good sausages, too.
  2. Hands off our Poles!!! You can keep your jihadi's, our Pole's aren't being swapped!!! :tongue:
  3. Our mess barlady is Polish and very pleasant too. We had a couple of Hungarians in my last place who mixed mean cocktails.

    The Hungarian for "cheers" is (phonetically) Eggeshegdre
  4. Except on the 12th July?
  5. Good sausages are made on the 12th of July, and best eaten on the 13th.
    There's a shop on the Lisburn Road not far from the Injun (forgotten the name of it) where, last time I was in, they had some Polish smoked beef which to a biltong addict like me was a connerserrs delight. I'll be going back next week...
  6. Whats wrong with sausages on the 12th?
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Jersey's Poles are grrrreat ... all [xx]thousand of them. And some of the ladies are .... ladies.

    Generally crap drivers, though :oops:
  8. Apologies, I should have made clear I was commenting on the bold part.

    I just meant to say that there are some areas where, on the 12th of July, large numbers of Catholic Poles may not be made to feel totally welcome.
  9. PanoramaMonday 23 July

    8:30pm - 9:00pm


    Immigration: How We Lost Count

    "The Government has no idea how many immigrants enter Britain illegally but how many enter lawfully? Panorama went to the immigration hotspot of Slough - where Government figures claim the population is falling. But with new arrivals pitching up daily, the council there says the opposite's true and that as a result, it simply can't balance its books. Richard Bilton reports on the school where one class has had 40 per cent turnover of pupils and hears from some of Slough's immigrants who say it's time to call a halt."


    If the programme does not make the connection between the requirement for cheap labour widely dispersed throughout the country in order to drive down wages and allow small business to be brought into the treasury income stream (discussed on another thread), and the recent call for internment without trial and how such an influx might colour the argument (also discussed on another thread), then you might like to bear in mind the tensions that exist between the conflicting requirement of cheap labour and security when watching the report which starts within an hour of this post and thereafter viewable again on the BBC Panorama website.