Immigrants,the law & doing a bunk.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, May 13, 2010.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Watching UK Border Force on Sky at the moment,on it,they've just raided a chinese take away & found 4 illigal immigrants.Three are failed asylum seekers & one got into the UK on the back of a lorry.
    The three asylum seekers were released but then absconded when their claims failed.
    So after a long time,money & effort to find them they were all arrested.
    THEN they were released on condition they 'sign on' every two weeks.They reported once then absconded.
    Quite often on this programme,they seem to release illigals on conditions & yup,you guessed it,they abscond.
    So what's the f*cking point in releaseing them when in all reality,they'll do a runner!!??
    Not to mention they cant remove them from the UK without a passport &,in 80% of cases,as they came in on a lorry,they dont have a passport &,again according to the programme,it'd take months to get a new one for them! :x

    This programme shows to me the appaling state of the asylum system & how it is run.
    This is a disgrace & once again shows what a farce the UK has become!
  2. i think this 'cannot remove them without a passport' is dogsplop. if they come in on a lorry then put them back on a lorry and back to france. if the govt find out where they come from but it takes months to get them a passport then fek em off back to wehre they are from and they can wait in one of their own intitutions until they find a passport.
    I think if an employer is found employing illegals then they bear the brunt of transporting them back to where they came from, get a massive fine and if caught a third time. out. business closed down.
  3. Although I fully agree the UK's system is 1, a farce and a joke of which these immigrants know full well the chances of being returned outside the UK is very very slim,

    Addressing this from another angle: We discuss the employers but we fail to identify that most & I use the term lightly LGV drivers are unaware of these 'desperate' individuals gaining access to the drivers loads & therefore the drivers get fined also!

    I know that drivers should check load safety, 1st parade vehicles etc, but the programme has shown for quite a while now how devious they are getting & the lengths they are preapred to go in order to access the uk,

    1, Increase UKBA HR or/implement a border police force as recommended by the tories but finding the funds is another matter?

    2, A radical/improved reform of the welfare & AS housing system in order to put these individuals off wanting to come here in the first place

    rant over.
  4. If we shot a few of them the others would soon get the message.
  5. Because the jails are full and there is nowhere to put them so they have to release them.

    If jails were over crowded properly I.E 4 in a cell and no money wasted on leisure facilities then there would be more room. More room because more space would be used, more money would be saved and less people would pay a repeat visit.
  6. Having done a few years as an Immigration Officer I can testify to the impotent rage felt when having found/investigated over-stayers/illegals and then having to release them into the country on T.A (temporary admission) as there were no detention spaces available.
  7. I've given up watching that programme, as it turned me into a raging maniac everytime I watched these guys raping the system up the arrse.
  8. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I honestly don't see what the issue is with illegal immigrants....we have a large number of islands off the north/west coast of Scotland. They used to be inhabited but aren't currently, ship a load of pre-fab buildings, stick up a load of living units, an immigration office and a single pontoon dock.

    Ship the lot off them there, provide with food and clothing and 3 options:

    1. Stay on island.
    2. Apply for immigration.
    3. Free plane ticket home.

    They can change their mind as many times as they want, but once rejected option 2 is removed.

    Seriously a winter on St. Kilda would have them lining up for the plane tickets.


    p.s. option 4 is start swimming....if you make it we put you in the olympic team.
  9. Haslar by any chance?
  10. So not a good time to let you know that there are regular repat flights - great isn't it, arrive in the back of a truck, go home on a private jet (many are deemed potentially too violent to go home on scheduled flights)... Costs a fortune as the aircraft have to be of a certain size to travel the distances direct... 200 - 230 seaters to take 5 or 6 illegals home (plus the 20 or so staff)..
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We used to have a 'NATO Travel Order' when I was in the mob,sort of a temporary passport allowing us to move within the NATO countries,so why dont we have a Europe Travel Order,one way,which can be used to immidiatly return immigrants to their country of origin.
    On the programme I watched today,they had to charter a bloody airliner to return XX amount of them back home! What made me angry was an Albanian football thug who was being binned & he insisted he had been paying taxes but,as he was being deported after his prison sentence for being a thug,demanded the taxes he had paid to HMG returned to hime!!
    IMHO,He was'nt paying taxes when he was inside so who was keeping him in luxury?? Answer...We were!!!

    As immigration is such a problem & they say the's not enough space to lock them up,then why not employ a British Shipyard to build a floating jail,does'nt need to have engines any more than ones to manouver it, & moore it off the coast of Scotland,& stick them all in there!
    Win win as it'll partly solve the immigration jailing & provide jobs albeit in the short term for people in an area that needs it!
  12. Is this what the old government meant when it said we are contributing £XMillion to Overseas Aid?

    Get tough with them. You sunshine are illegal, you are trespassing in this country so get back in the truck/boat/plane and fukk off back from whence you came.

    Shooting would probably not go down too well I suppose although it would give the country set something to do at the weekends on daddy's estate in lieu of chavs.
  13. More worringly,why is Spike watching daytime television?
  14. IIRC Labour sold the prison ships off (unless i'm corrected) besides there's no money in the kitty, the prison service has been warning the Government for years to build extra but look what happened

    And it'll be interesting to see how the new Government implement the 'cap on immigration' but as many others have already stated time will tell to see what improvements we the public see.
  15. Well, we need an opposing force for training.... we could employ them as live-fire targets, give deploying units practice at hitting moving targets!