Immigrants in Slough

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by grey_mafia, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey, Any of you guys watch Panorama? I am totally gutted about the problems that are happening in Slough with Illegal immigrants. one of many towns in the U.K.... I would love somebody to tell me that the facts and figures are wrong... But unfortunately I feel there will be no replies!!
    Are there any other Arrse'rs out there that are 'Pig Sick' of paying our taxes to support these people??? Anybody who wishes to move to this Country, Pay Taxes, and make a better life for themselves (as long as they abide by our rules and laws) are more than welcome.
    However.. This Nation has been 'Stitched up' due to the ineptitude of the Government concerning Immigration, and I am quite frankly Pissed off with supporting people that are in our homeland to quite frankly 'milk all that they can get' from the British Taxpayer and then 'Bugger off Home....'
    Especially as if I wish to move (legally) to another Country anywhere else in the World, I have to prove that I can support myself and my family, and provide something to benefit that Country.
    All post gratefully received... :cry:
  2. Living in China I missed this give us a synopsis please sans rant
  3. I agree completely with you, something has to be done to stop giving immigrants a revolving door that lets them come and go as they please. Anyone have figures on how much it costs the country to support them?
    Also I know that they are suppost to be escaping torture but if this country is kind enough to let them in surely they should help the country and get a job. Like the terrorists recently caught in connection with the underground, they were being supported by a kind country from a young age and repay it by helping to plan and execute a terrorist act. Its disgraceful
  5. part of that line "Come friendly Bombs and fall on Slough" went through my head when I read the first post, thank you for showing me the full version

    we need a politician with some Backbone and pair of balls
  6. You won't find one of those in Slough. Is it still a nuclear free zone??
  7. Agree GM. Enough is enough. I don't get how alot of these people end up living in London and other expensive towns and cities. How do they do it?

    The bull about them being scared to go back to their country, are ALL of them scared. i think majority have jumped on the bandwagan.

    On the panaroma one women said she cant go back to her own country cos she feared whatever, the presenter then said well if you aint getting a home over here what you gonna do, she couldnt answer that - shes staying here and thats that.

    They have to pass loads of countries to come here, we know the only reason they choose Britian is cos of the money we throw at them. I am not naive to think they come here and get given credits straight away, but whats a year of slum for a life of riley???
  8. Was back in Blighty recently and saw the programme. You couldn't make it up.
  9. In a nutshell. Central government is grossly understating the level of immigration into UK. Grants given by central government to local government are based on the local population levels. Hence the good burghers of Slough are being shafted and can only afford bin collections once a fortnight.

    Can't you get Panorama on the internet via the BBC web site? Is the BBC site blocked by the Great Firewall of China on account of being a tool of imperialist running dogs?
  10. Funny thing is that in Romania, where I was talking to people about Roma (i.e proper gypsies, rather than pikeys from the Emerald Toilet), I spoke to a taxi driver (Bucharest's equivalent of Ron Grozzer) who said: "The Gypsies here are thieves and murderers and I have proof here", he said pointing to the front page of the Bucharest Gazette, or whatever it was.

    The Romanian newspaper was quoting a piece from the Super Soaraway Sun in the UK.

    So the prejudices - if you want to call them that - of British journos, filter back to the countries that these people are fleeing to the UK from.

    There's an irony here somewhere.
  11. Another interesting fact (and I use the term in the widest possible sense of the word!) is that Thames Valley Police are recruiting Polish speakers as the get 20,000 calls a week from Polish people who can't speak English....

    I don't know what proportion of the population 'phone the police a week, but I would suggest it is low (eg 5-10%?), so if 20,000 Poles 'phone a week, how many of them are there?????


    BTW, Ancient_Mariner, where's my half-sucked Whethers for getting the question about "marijewana" right?
  12. I've crushed it up into a fine, brown powder, enclosed it in a small wrap of foil and posted it to your house via a mate in Afghanistan. Any day now, a burly policeman dressed as a postman and concealing a H&K MP5 in his post bag will be delivering it to your house. On no account sign anything to acknowledge receipt of the package or make any sudden movements as the postman approaches you.

    By the way, if anybody knows of a job in land locked Afghanistan that would suit a RN principal warfare officer with a postgraduate diploma in applied navigation, could they let me know.