Immigrants get 100,0000 Kr to go home

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm utterly outraged by this blatant example of racism. This offer is only open to immigrants from non-western countries, which means I'm not eligible...............

    Seriously though, what do you think of the idea? Is this idea likely to have any impact? Could this idea work in the UK too?

    Personally speaking, I think it's unlikely to work and may even attract immigrants into coming purely so they can be paid to go home again. There is also the danger of people coming back with fake ID after having been paid to return home. In which case it's going to cost a fortune and have little or no postive impact.

    What are your opinions?

  2. There should be no payment other than an airline ticket
    I fully agree with the sentiment though
  3. If they crack out enough kids whilst they're here then £12K is about 3 months benefits isn't it? Why would you leave for that? Stay here, keep taking the money and make use of our free healthcare and education.
  4. If they crack out enough kids, they get 12,000 per head to go home. Could be a nice little earner....
  5. Yeah, leave with the £12K per head, that easily pays for a plane ticket back in to the gullable host nation... rinse, wash, repeat... :x
  6. I'd say £12,000 is cheap when you consider how much this country must pay out in benefits each year to the very people you're referring to, we have long been a soft touch and no doubt the do-gooders will see to it that it continues to be so.
    So I can't see it changing but wouldn't it be great to get rid of all the fcuking illegal wasters out of the uk?.
  7. Cheap? It woouldn't be cheap if every man and his dog comes here for their gratis £12K.

    Most of these people some from countries where GDP per capita is less than $500 per year. £12K is essentially 38 years of average earnings to these people.

    Imagine a country offered you 38 years salary, and all you had to do was go there, then leave again... what would you do?
  8. Hey so maybe I can get 12k from our mob to be repatriated back to Yorkshire :lol:
  9. Brit born....??...wobbly head..??
  10. 100,000.00Kr=£12,000, what sort of mick mouse currency is that..??..'specially' as we're looking at €1.00 = £0.70 by summer that's got b**ls(€ that is..)
  11. Doesn't Denmark have transport aircraft?
  12. Norway,gives them the same amount,they must be on a good earner ,if they go to both countries.