Immigrants are homesick, give them hugs.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jarrod248, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Can almost here the mouth breathing from the comments.
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  2. I too would fondle..err I mean cuddle that one in the orange top.
  3. Hug a hoodie, cuddle an immigrant, where is David Cameron, he must feel the need for cuddles.
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  4. To be honest, if being homesick makes them leave, fucking great
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  5. What arrant tripe.
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  6. What's wrong with a brisk handshake? Bloody foreigners.
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  7. Handshake? A curt nod and a clipped hello will suffice. Bloody Freemasons.
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  8. the futures bright the futures orange....
  9. I sometimes wonder if the Sun is an experiment to see just how much utter shit the British public will pay for. I have visions of editorial conferences where they look at each other ashen-faced and say things like, "This time, surely?.."

    Then I realise this is just wishful thinking.
  10. i think much the same about the mail although i imagine there's a pool going amongst the reporters to see who can cause the most outrage, the comments page was only ever included as a way of keeping score in these events.
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  11. Does this include a struggle cuddle :confused:

    sent by jedi mind trick
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  12. Well, there's my defence for when I find an attractive immigrant (other than Mrs R) to grope - sorry cuddle. They need cuddles, it's in the paper so it must be true, your honour.
  13. Oh it`s always us Brits isnt it! We are one of the most easiest countries to live in and yet it still isnt good enough well we wont be hugging them but i would handshake them with my right hand.