Immigrant builders - coming over here putting stuff up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Immigrants have been coming over here unchecked, and here's an example of what they can get up to if not controlled. Some of them have thrown up strange structures in the name of their weird religions, using whatever local stones come to hand. This one's right in the middle of a field and no planning permission was requested or granted. Blair is doing nothing about it.
  2. I laughed when I read the topic, then covered my screen in Jamesons when I read the post.

    Those sneaky bastards!
  3. Not exactly current news!
  4. That made oi larf.

    Thank you.
  5. Absolutely fecking outrageous, questions should be asked in the House. Does the Express know about this?
  6. The thread cheered me up after the news fiasco earlier..

    Nice one FP. :thumright:
  7. Though I believe the stones weren’t exactly 'local'. Still an abomination if you ask me.
  8. And they didn't get planning permission. I'm not allowed to put a porch over my front door, and those blighters get away with a vast new-age sculpture...
  9. there should be questions raised in the welsh assembly as to how these oiks can plunder welsh resources and whisk them away to england without anyone noticing.
  10. Typical of dodgy foreign tradesmen........didn't fit the double glazing yet! Tut tut!!

  11. Excellent thread, Frenchie! I laughed me Blackpool rocks off!

  12. ...and the job still looks half finished!
  13. Must have been immigrants pillars and not even straight....and don't get me started on the foundations!!!! :frustrated:

    disgruntled of throbbing bottom
  14. Nah, Must have been built by British builders. They said that they would be back on a week on tuesday to finish the job, 4500 years later they still haven't come back to finish the job. Probably went on holiday to the Costas.

    At least immigrant workers would have finished the job, and even worked on the weekend to do it.
    Four men have been arrested after cops smashed an asylum parachutes gang. Armed officers swooped on an address in Brighton yesterday morning, following months of surveillance and co-operation by British asylum cops and their French counterparts.

    One of the men held is thought to be the Mr Big behind recent parachute drops of asylum seekers across England and Wales. The scheme was simple: illegal immigrants paid up to £10,000 to be picked up near the French coastline and flown across the Channel in a light aircraft. Once
    over the English coastline, they would make a tandem parachute jump
    with a qualified parachutist.

    Range Rovers
    On landing, the asylum seeker would melt away into surrounding forests while the parachutist and his equipment would be spirited away by a back-up team, often using Range Rovers. The gang is thought to have dropped more than four hundred asylum seekers into the UK in the past year.

    tandem asylum jump
    A police spokesman said, "This was a sophisticated operation. The gang used a variety of aircraft and parachutists. The back-up team used scanners to monitor police activity. Night jumps were guided down by mini-strobe lights on the ground".

    As they got bolder, the asylum parachute gang even duped legitimate pilots and skydivers into dropping their immigrants onto the UK. Steve Harris was one of the skydivers fooled by the gang. "I made two tandem jumps with swarthy guys I was told were raising money for overseas charities. I got suspicious after they both ran away into the nearest forest whenever we landed. And the cheques bounced."