Immigrant allowed to stay because of pet cat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by socialhandgrenade247, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Frm Today's Telegraph !!!

    An immigrant who was about to be deported from Britain has won a legal battle to remain in the country – partly because he and his girlfriend had bought a pet cat.

    The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruled that sending the Bolivian man back to his homeland would breach his human rights because he was entitled to a "private and family life", and joint ownership of a pet was evidence that he was fully settled in this country.

    Lawyers for the Home Secretary were aghast at the decision by James Devittie, an immigration judge, to allow the immigrant to stay in Britain. They lodged an appeal, but their case was again rejected.

    I think it is time to leave the EU and Court of Human rights
  2. Cardboard box,with some holes poked in it.Cat in box.Box on lap.Jobbed.
  3. Some buy cats, some buy football clubs.
  4. Sergei

    You can have them back and the one's who run all the rackets in Soho
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  6. New Liarbor , the funniest comedy programme ever
  7. I want some of what that Judge(?) is smoking, it must be some good sh1t!
  8. Careful Browny, you could end up mentally deranged for ever. :D

    As for the cat, does any one have a gash rabid Rotweiler he could spare for a few minutes. :twisted:
  9. Thinking back to this
    ...and also a long serving ex Royal marine pal of a pal of mine who was refused permission to bring his wife and child to live here so has had to move abroad.

    I think the outrage bus over such injustices really has already set off for its last trip. Most people seem unaware here of the implications of our membership of the EU> We are no longer living in a democracy where party politics makes any impact on our lives. Nothing is as it seems anymore and we not only sleepwalked into it- whereas our former generations fought to defend our country from this we have seen our country cynically and purposefully destroyed from within before our voluntary submission to the EU. We are being ruled by Brussels in a dictatorship.

    We do not need an armed forces to defend our sovereign and independant country anymore because we are not a democratic or free independant country. England no longer exists in effect.

    So being up in arms about immigration or anything else that is just us defensive about England is futile now.
    And any serving soldier who still imagines himself to be contributing to his country's defence is deluded. Sadly.
  10. A position on the bench awaits :twisted:
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Why do you think think UK asylum courts are anything to do with the EU? They cannot stay in EU countries, that's why they are piling up on UK borders to get in here. Our mess, no point trying to pretend its someone else. UK also drafted the Human Rights act IIRC.....noble idea, that everyone else seems to have implemented more sensibly than us....
  12. Clearly an election will not be enought to put Britain back on the straight and narrow. Cheat the taxpayer and an apology is sufficient somethims, other occasions it's prison. Be an illegal immigrant and as long as you have a pet, pussy rights will allow you to stay - permanently. Cat owners in Calais should keep their pets in. You can see why reasonable people are turning to the BNP.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    No, just because we have a dangerously stupid government, does not mean we should want a dangerously stupid racist government.
  14. I fear, mate, that human rights activists would point to bad conditions in overcrowded Russian jails and that it would be not right to extadite these crooks.
  15. tbf the bloke has been living with his gf for 4 years so been an illegal immigrant for quite a while has a job and is presumably paying tax.