"Immediate Response" - Mark Hammond DFC - BAR Book review

Thumbing through the otherwise slightly turgid and inaccessible publication that is the British Army Review no 148 Winter 09/10, I did chuckle when I read the review of this book....

one quote did stand out:

speaking of AAC officers and in particular one AAC major (Sqn OC) that the author had encountered on OP HERRICK:

"He seemed to me to be everything I most disliked in an AAC officer, an ambitious promotion thruster who just happened also to be a pilot"


If you can get your hands on this publication then it is worth a read - the reviewer makes some very vaild points about letting 'aviators be aviators'... we arent quite there yet as a Corps...
"He seemed to me to be everything I most disliked in an AAC officer, an ambitious promotion thruster who just happened also to be a pilot"
Yes. Well, we all know one of those.
My mobilisation tour overlapped with the second trip 'sausage side' by the shy retiring bootneck.

I concur fully with his analysis of this individual but since I re-badged I haven't found too many of the odious breed he describes.

Whatever the merits or dismerits of the cited AAC officer, I think it is undignified and inedifying that an RM officer should be publicly denigrating a colleague in a public forum where the individual cannot defend himself. I believe that Major Hammond has donated some of the proceeds of his book to charity, but nevertheless it is distasteful that he is (partly) personally profiting from his personal opinion of his oppos.

The MOD should set clear guidelines for publications from serving personnel. Personal criticism of identifiable serving colleagues should not be authorised, and all proceeds should go to charity.
Isn't it about time someone told the truth? Or would you rather leave it as is so these muppets continue onwards and upwards destroying the AAC's credibility with the other services?
There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind - but have the courage to speak your mind face to face with the person with whom you have a difference where he has a chance to defend himself. It is plain wrong to publicly undermine colleagues in a book where they cannot put over their perspective, especially where there is an element of personal financial gain involved.
Stab, if you know Mark H he will have told the person in question just exactly what he thought of him, he is not renowned for pulling his punches, as for the financial gain how do you figure that one out? I'm sure a minor spat between 2 people is the least of the reasons for Mark's book doing so well.

Stab if you are able to join the AAC then you will come across people just like Mark has described, usually they have no idea at all about what anyone else has done or is capable of.

Please don't think this is a rant against all the Officers in the AAC its not. Some of the best Officer/Pilots I ever worked for/flew with were AAC. Sadly others let them down.
"Yes. Well, we all know one of those. "
I still scan the AAC board hoping to hear my old hero has joined 'Absent Friends'.
Mind you could try the old German system or Navy Game where a/c commander is not necessarily the Pilot.

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