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Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. This has just appeared on the Guardian website with a timestamp of 23.58

    Comments in Italics are mine.

    The grinding noise you can hear is gearbox roulette. I expect Mr. Le Versha will be looking for a smoke replen shortly too.

    Does anyone have a copy of the original statement for comparison?
    We know Chris Hunt is unhappy with the refusal , I don't know the stance of the other councillors.

    Grayling, I hope myself and Spunky have left flapping like a Flounder.

    The cracks are appearing , now we just need to find the right thread to pull.
  2. Spunky and cashbar,

    If you haven't seen this, it will make you chuckle :D . The delicious irony certainly made oi laaaarf..

  3. PTP, got one in the post this morning after he "saw a copy of my email to Chris Grayling". That'd be the copy I forwarded to him then!

    Nice that the ARA statement has been done as a comment on that article - it's already linked from the site, so hopefully will get good coverage. Just wish I'd had time to trap "outgoing" links from the pages - statcounter loses track as soon as they leave the site. May write my own counter for that if I have time.
  4. Thanks