IMM in Germany


This stands for something completely un-pronounceable in German, but basicaly it is a military skills competition & is taking place in Germany in August & I'm hoping to be part of my Units team for it.

anyone know any more info on it & what it involves?


eh, nowp!
thanks for the info TT. so its at Rhiendalen (spelt wrong, almost certainly) then.
that helps a great deal.

I assume you did the IMM in the past, , maybe with 501, what kit did you take for the comp, I am assuming its combats with webbing & daysack (normal contents for infantry or all-arms).
I've never heard of this competition, so I thought the best place to find any information would be the Bundeswehrforum. Thus I've put in a query there. If anybody wants to take a butcher's for possible helpful answers from the Krauts, the drill is:
Click on "Forum", scroll down to "Mischmasch under the heading "Sonstiges". Then scroll down to "Internationaler Militärwettbewerb".