Imjin, Take 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. think it might be the boots will have to look some more to be sure
  2. Wow that is a true red tide isn’t it? All I say is I hope they take prisoners and rough them up a bit.

    Anyone seen my ball gag ?
  3. Well it would be one week a month anyway
  4. I would like to formally offer my unconditional surrender and wish it to be known that I have always thought that you "oriental" types to be harshly treated by the West and I will therefore spend the rest of my time on earth tending to your needs.
  5. I've got your back Stilts!

    ...and by the way. You in the Green. EYES FRONT!
  6. Indeed. I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords (or should that be overladies?).
  7. Over or under, I'm not that picky tbh. Where do I sign up??
  8. Absolutly.......................I'll take the right flank, if I may!
  9. Not a wrac arrse amongst them 8O I joined the wrong army!!
  10. I would like to work in their camp laundry...purely for their hygeine reasons of course.
  11. I would like to surrender to any of them
  12. Question is which one ? would be first ill go for the one in white
  13. Shes improperly dressed, anyway, they all look alike to me, see one you,ve seen them all. :roll:
  14. Problem is, have one by all means but an hour later you could eat another.