IMIs on exercise

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cop1234, May 2, 2005.

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  1. does ne 1 else get agai'd 67 for not doing IMI's on exercise, or is it just our wonderful GSS.

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  2. Whats the difference? Garages or Ex.

    Chances are you have more time to do IMI'S on Ex. No trailer of knowledge get togethers etc. Unless of courese you are an LO driver then fair do's.

    Oh and do you have a magic wagon which maintains itself out of barracks??? Nugget!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. look it aint that hard to write a few lines in your det book now is it ?? im sure that somewhere in the imi s it states functional checks , loops etc .gene 1st works ,f ucks sake is this the british army or the yank one?
  4. What a nobber
  5. No, but some big nasty man with a stick shouted at me the other day because I hadn't polished my boots, I'm currently considering sueing :roll:
  6. why didn't you show him your yellow card? :roll:
  7. Were you told to do your IMIs and then forgot to do them? Or could you not be arrsed?