IMF - UK is a tax haven

Guardian/Observer Report

For a month, my colleagues on The Observer business desk have been asking Sir Ronald Cohen a simple question about his finances which most people would have no difficulty in answering. They did not want to know how much Gordon Brown's adviser from the private equity business made or how he spent his money, private matters that are none of our business. They just wondered whether he paid tax or whether he was non-domiciled for tax purposes and could therefore escape most of the burdens everyone else has to carry.

For a month, we've had no comment. This week, Vincent Cable, economic affairs spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, should get answers from the Treasury, which is due to respond to a long list of questions on the scale of officially sanctioned tax avoidance by the super-rich. I say he should get answers, but there is no guarantee that Brown will come clean about an embarrassing subject he'd rather not discuss.

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