Imber village, Imber Court- knowledge required

Making this simple- I need an idea of the outlay of the inside of Imber Court in Imber Village- anyone with any photos or detailed knowledge of the floor plan and locations of stairwells etc would be appreciated more than you know! This needs to be fairly pronto too fellas, so do some blokes a favour! Cheers
No problem fella. The stairwells are located between the the ground and first floors.
Hope this helps.
From the front door, please. anyone with any genuine, educated info, who has actually been in the building, would be appreciated, cheers
I've never been there but just spent a fascinating hour looking into the history of Imber.

Given that it's a neoclassical 18th century rebuild of a previous manor house it's likely to be reasonably formal and symmetrical in its layout.

From the photographs I've seen I'd say there's a foyer from the front door with a central staircase leading up to an open plan first floor balcony type area, probably very spacious and (originally) quite grand.

The ENE wing probably has one large room on the ground floor and a couple upstairs. The WSW wing is probably a little more complicated as the aerial photography suggests the trades entrance is in the rear corner of that wing with it's own gateway in the perimeter wall.

Probably going to be some servant's access corridoors running along the NNE rear wall.

It's not a big place and I can't imagine there's much more to it than that, I'd love to have a look around it someday.

Can we know why you're asking?
You may have a bit of a drama, as the original manor house was burned to the ground in the 1930's and the whole building had to be rebuilt from scratch. So the likelihood of finding any original features, (if thats what they are looking for), is very slim. I'll keep digging.
I'll assume you need to know for an exercise?

Now I may be just a gruff old traditionalist but....

Just a suggestion, why not get in touch with the HQ Salisbury Plain Training Area?

They often have useful titbits lying around the office for incoming troops.

Like... er, internal schmatics of their training areas.

Failing that try hear, you never know you might strike it lucky....

Imber Court on Flickr

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