Imber - The Lost Village

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dragstrip, Sep 19, 2010.

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  1. It's very sad, but what about Buckenham Tofts, Langford, Stanford, Sturston, Tottington and West Tofts in STANTA? Or Charlton which was demolished when the runway at Filton was extended to accommodate the Brabazon? Not to mention Moreton that's now at the bottom of Chew Valley Lake and the many others that were lost when reservoirs were built. :shakefist:
  2. Yes but what about, well as we arent all in our 180s, more of us on here will remember Imber

  3. I can't open the link - which is ironic bearing mind where I am.

    Imber is open to through public traffic this week-end. I was hoping to take the Defender along but I'm working.
  4. Don't be a Pratt! The villages in STANTA were taken around the same time as Imber, Charlton was demolished four years later and Moreton flooded in 1955.
  5. 1955!!! aye thats recent
  6. It looks like they have rebuilt a lot of it since I was last there - certainly new roofs etc. I wonder if anyone found my nice little Cannon compact camera that got knocked down between the cavity walls from the second floor when my platoon was defending the place (fcuk!). My Pl Sgt didn't laugh at me at all!
  7. I noticed that the houses had sloped metal roofs put on. Wonder why they went through the expense of doing that?

    Given the length of time this has gone on they were very sensible putting a high fence around the church and adorning it with the out of bounds signs.

    Otherwise what horrors could await the worshippers when then attend on their 2 or 3 days a year!!
  8. It was open weekend at Imber, they announced it during the weather on Points West. "There will be sunny periods over Imber with the strong possibility of inbreeding..." I think Richard Angwin said?
  9. Lost? Just outside Tilshead. Exactly where they left it.
  10. I joined 8 Fd Sqn RE a Tidworth straight from training in 1977 and the first job I did was some of the construction at Imber. As I recall there was a BBC film crew at the church filming an episode of 'Survivors' (the original series). One day some irrate luvvie in big floppy beret and cravat came running down in a hissy fit demandinbg that we turn of the 'wretched' concrete mixer for 15 minutes while he got the last shots he needed. We obliged deciding an extra NAAFI break was good news for us while he got on with his filming. At the citical point of the take a brace of low level phantoms roared across reducing said luvvie to a blubbering wreck!