IMBEL nearly-a-FAL......

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by plunderer, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Well, a fellow club member turned up with his brand-new and out-of-the-box IMBEL straight-pull version of the FAL this morning, and kind soul that he is, let us poor people have go to remind us what an SLR might have been like if manually-operated.

    It did NOT like any of the three different surplus types we tried in it, but lapped up the FLR'd hand-loaded .308Win belonging to another club member. Fairly accurate, too.

    Missing, of course, was the robust 'PLAAAAANNNNNGGGG' of the real thing, and the clatter as it all cycled in a loose collection of moving parts.

    It was very nicely put together, I hafta say, and had a good-looking two-tone phosphated finish of exceptional smoothness, but then it needed to be to justify the horrendous price of £3000.00.

    So I'll be leaving it off my must-have list.

  2. Any pictures?
  3. Just looks like a two-tone SLR, that's all. But with a fancy muzzle brake instead of the British-style flash-hider.

  4. What's a used FAL/SLR going for these days? Just asking, not buying.

    @plunderer, so true about the "PLAAAANNNNGGGG"!
  5. I bought mine in Germany for € 1400.00, it's in almost new condition. In France old clapped out SLRs are a good deal cheaper.
  6. The Devizes Gunsmith, has an Imbel Carbine up for £2500, 7.62, immaculate condition, I believe it was one of Guy Savage's imports. I was over there a couple of weeks back, some great bits of kit on the racks.

    He also has a natty little .22lr Para Stocked FAL, these are pretty rare in the UK, I think only ten made it into the Country?

    I don't know the price on that one though?
  7. I've been advised by a shooting pal on that a gunsmith near Norwich makes a straight-pull with a right-side op handle - rather like a Fortner. And sells it for substantially less than £2000.

    Sadly, I can't find a website for the maker concerned - A Buckland [?].

    Not that I'm in the slightest bit interested, of course....:)

  8. I Saw a 'real' slr striaght pull at bisley phonix had L1A1 stampted on it!
  9. I'm told that is the version made by our elusive friend near Norwich.