Imature mistake

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ga_is_ea, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone, i wont beat around the bush, i joined the infantry 28th january earlier this year, and in week 3 i got discharged with UFAS which i am highly ashamed of, reason for this was just a mixture of home sickness and missing girlfriend amongst having my parents keep nagging me to come home everytime i contacted them, so my girlfriend came up with the stupid idea of telling me to tell them that i was feeling suicidal, knowing that there is a good chancen that they will discharge me because of this, like an idiot i listened to her, and indeed they discharged me, even though my girlfriend finnished with me afterwards, the silly slag lol, but anyway, joining the army for me at the time was a massive shock as, i am 17 and before i joined i never been to work, i left school and went to college untill joining, so after experience working life after the army i have realised what a MASSIVE mistake i have made leaving the army, i need more out of life than doing the same thing day in day out, and after wanting to join the army all my life and then quiting after 3 weeks is perfetic.

    basically i want to know wether i have a case at all, of re-joining the army because i did enjoy the time there and everything about it, just wish i could turn back time and start it again, and replys good or bad would be appritiated, thanks
  2. No. Bye.
  3. So your ex is still single then? Get her on here, we'll help her through her separation. :hump:

    As for getting back in - Are you sure you want to? You're best off speaking to a careers orificer, don't hold your breath though, you've binned once what's stopping you binning again?

  4. A case for what?

    You've been proven to be unfit for service. You may well be younger than most of the flying gloves I own but you've missed your chance. Suggest you crack on in civvy strasse because the Army wasn't and won't be for you.

    I take it you never opened an English book whilst at college?

    BTW, nice picture of a Chieftan in your avatar. ;)
  5. Its a Warrior

  6. :1: The Flashman strikes again :party:
  7. You are a cunt.

  8. You mean a WAAAAAAAAArrior??


    Like taking candy from a disabled kid stapled to a wall. :D
  9. Bet you were/are in a recce sqn flasheart?

  10. Cripes. I'll need a bigger keep net at this rate......
  11. Oh look! Cunt No2!
  12. such a idiot dumping the army for your stupid girlfriend....just use that as a lesson in life and i cant see the army taking you back. what happens if you get sent to afgan you cant say i feel like am going to kill myself hoping for them to discharge you.....i cant say to much about training as am yet to train on july 23rd but i know one thing am 21 years old and theres fk all out here and ive had my clubbing years and so now is the time to kuckle donw for me
  13. Well don't say anything then you mong.
  14. Say what? What do mean, do "i have a case at all"? What do you mean you "enjoyed the time there and everything about it"? You quit. Moreover, if your story is (now) true, you lied about your mental state to get out.

    What makes you think that any organisation would want to take you back under these circumstances? At best, you lied to the army about being suicidal so you could go back to your beloved girlfriend who has since dumped you; at worst, you really were suicidal at not being able to be with your girlfriend. How would you cope in A'stan? Or even Aldershot?

    Moral integrity is to be valued in all ranks in this army. While I would be first to say that this is not always maintained, I would find it hard to work with someone who has proven himself either unfit or unworthy.
  15. You've aleady shown them you're not quite mature enough to do it at the moment. Try again in a few years, when you are more mature, or maybe consider the TA and then reapply.