Imarsat and Brent

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Got promised some info before, but never came up...

    But I've been given Imarsat and Brent to use in the past, but being TA, the training consisted of... "oh yeah, turn it on and away you go!"

    I've managed to get the connection but cannot call anyone? (Don't want to get into to much detail)

    Does anyone use this kit regularly? As I said I've used it before, but I really don't want to have to try and wing it again.


    P.S. be kind to a willing TA bod
  2. check pm
  3. Cheers :) back at you...
  4. So you are sat there with your BRENT and Inmarsat thinking - how the fcuk did I do this again - I know, I'll get on the internet and ask someone ?
  5. Nearly :D Never had a lesson just given kit and expected to know how it goes together....

    I've managed to call someone once on it, more by luck than judgement...

    Icould do what most people do and "wing it" throwing the old "oh yes, I called millions of people".... but thought I'd try and get some help from someone that had used it more than once a year...
  6. An idea might be to ask someone with a bit more knowledge at your unit and get a lesson or two on it.

    Not really something that should be discussed on an open public forum, dont you think?
  7. "Brent secure phone" brings up 866,000 results on Google.

    Inmarsat brings up 2,080,000.

    I don't think asking how they work together (and being answered via PM) will affect national security.
  8. I do however think that asking in an open forum how to use one is. PMing someone he can trust might have been a better option.

    Openly discussing the types of equipment in use is not a good idea.

    As was said before, get someone in the unit to show you how it works.
  9. Maybe an ill advised thread but highlights many problems facing 2 Sig Bde. Most regts are scaled with a troops worth of equipment, none of my soldiers can come upto me and ask me to take them through the vast majority of our kit, i.e. to do maintenance or training on my Sqns REEBOK det means I have to get clearance via Bde. INMARSAT and other similar equipment is held at regt which means a keen ICS NCO has to ask me, then I have to ask Regt etc.

    Some of the equipment guides are poor, written by a tech aimed at the lowest common denominator. Most of my operators ignore them and use the manufacturers guide where possible (which means they are stuck if its been misplaced). Very little of the training is aimed at the actual weaknesses, like being crap with IT, not understanding modern comms kit. Which is caused by people still thinking we can train like before, traditionally we have taught people equipment but now we need to teach the theory behind it, its a major change and the older TA soldiers are not understanding this needs to be done. Many IT literate soldiers are getting very pissed off about this and leaving.
  10. devilish.... mate. I never asked of expected someone to start telling me how to use it correctly on the thread....

    I received some good advice via PM and also said we could use DII or Armynet mail if that was better....

    As jimmys_best_mate said.... I've not said or asked anything that isn't freely available for example on the manufacturers website.....

    This is a common system that many people use.

    As for asking at unit for help.... done that at all levels, hence I asked here...

    I'm not having a go at anyone.... I know the YOS and everyone has a big job to do and they get about and hour every weeke to do it, as I said, maybe I should just stop asking all together?

  11. Having recently moved from being the Regt YofS in a 2 NC Bde unit. I believe your answer is showing sloping shoulders and the attitude of "If no one will tell me the answer we will just carry on anyway."

    I produced users guides for both equipments on my CEI for EX and let some not IT literate TA soldiers run through it prior to distribution. They were EDs and got the kit working easily :clap: . I know what your post is in your unit. If you accept the appointment stand up and be counted. The equipment isnt hard. If you believe you arent being trained get off your a*r*s*e and take the incentive to learn the equipment and produce a guide for the rest of the unit.
    Rant ends.......................... :evil: :evil:

    Well done bilbo boy for showing a bit of initiative. :judge:
  12. OK. Hypothetical situation - Your COC tells you to collect pieces of kit A and B from the stores (could be a Talon det or a pen and pencil, doesnt matter) and bugger off to whereever and provide a service with the kit.

    The least you need to be is qualified and/or competant in all aspects of that kit in order to reasonably be expected to provide a service using it.

    That, however, is a 2 way street. If you blindly go off, deploy and dont have a scooby how to configure and use the kit you'll make yourself and your unit look an arrse. If you pipe up that you've got no experience, at the earliest possible opportunity, it gives everyone a chance to organise appropriate training/PACEX for the kit.

    There is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there, its usually just a case of getting on the blower and ringing a unit who do a similar thing.
  13. Erm, I keep meaning to go on that game you told me about in Edinburgh last year. I'm pretty sure I made the similar points during discussions there.

    I thought I'd implied I'd done that, i.e. got the manufacturers guide, worked out how the equipment worked and then instructed soldiers.

  14. You have me mixed up with another YofS. Wasnt in Edinburgh last year as i was in AFG.
    Well done if you have produced a guide, but pass it via ops and get them to issue it as either a booklet or as an annex to a CEI.
  15. Not if you have a good understanding of technologies surrounding the equipment. Should we teach equipment or technology?

    I mean we teach people how to assemble and operate AMSCERP, NSTN, eRAS, REEBOK etc. However we have another group that could do this without training as they understand how to setup a PC and Outlook.