Imagine the dilemma if this was you...???

Imagine this..You're in Florida..There is chaos all around, a hurricane is raging,.. flooding and destruction everywhere you look,.. you are surrounded by tragedy.
You're a CNN photographer looking for that one in a million picture that will get you international recognition.
Nature is showing her most destructive power, whole houses are being washed away, there is debris everywhere....Suddenly you see a man in the water, he is fighting for his life, trying prevent himself from being drowned......
You move closer...
Somehow the man looks familiar.
Suddenly you realise who it is.........It's George W Bush !
You know that any second, the swirling raging waters could take him away, forever.
You have just two options....You can save the life of George W. or, you can shoot a Pulitzer prize winning photograph, a unique picture showing the death of the world's most powerful man.

NOW FOR YOUR DILEMMA (Please give an honest answer)

Would you select a colour shot, or go for the simplicity of classic black and white
A good zoom on the monkeyface!

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