Imagine my surprise.....

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Alaarm!, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. A certain female former phase 2 trianee for Squad 18? in mid 2005 who asked to be transferred to the RMP. Short, ugly with very short hair.

    The staff at Templer TDW helped, advised and assisted in her request as best they could - eg dont do it!!! But she insisted on wanting to become an SIB/ BG Ninja.

    Her application was taking too long (according to her) so she started causing trouble and was eventually removed from training - her leaving gambit being something along the lines of the Int Corps is full of pen pushers who dont do real investigations and she would be an Officer or SIB Sgt in a few years etc etc..

    Well, guess who I just saw standing at the side of a convoy inside the wire in BASRA COB directing a load of Iraqi trucks for about 5 hours. sweat pouring down her sad little face as truck after truck of leering Arab truckers beeped their horn at her. She saw and recognised me and tried to stop me for not wearing a seatbelt. The dust hadnt settled in my rearview mirror after i wheelspan away. Laughing and pointing. HAHAHAHA Everyone gets their just desserts!
  2. Everyone just gets desert
  3. Unjust people get dessert too, they take it when the just ones aren't looking...
  4. I never like just dessert, I like cheese, port, coffee and mints as well!
  5. So what did she end up joining then.........................??

    Anyway did you know that NINJA is now linked to the sub-prime mortgage market ......No Income - No Job or Assets...........Latest bit of current affairs terminology to replace CHAV then ? :)
  6. Desert! Never.

    Cowards and Frogs Desert.
  7. Good to see that she is trying to win "Hearts and Minds"..........
  8. She obviously settled in well then, like a duck to water.