Imagine my surprise....

Imagine my surprise, earlier this evening......

I was busy cleaning my muddy boots in the bath, with my wifes favourite toothbrush (a sonic, recharge-able one - gets the mud off nicely) when she happened to walk in and catch me.... 8O

I heard a tut, then she walked out the door, only to return like a herd of angry, rabid wildebeest brandishing a large plastic coat-hanger, which she then beat me soundly with.... :roll:

When I'd stopped laughing, and mopped up my p1ss from the lino, she asked how many times i'd used the toothbrush before.....

I had to tell the truth, and tell her it was the first time i'd done it....Thank fcuk she didnt ask what else i cleaned with it...... :wink:

Does anyone else use any of their wife's cosmetic/feminine implements or tools to sort their kit? And what are the consequences.....
toothburshes work well, electric ones are lovely
erm.....her nailfile for getting mud out of hard to reach places on boots.....
consequence......either i buy her a new one....or it is shoved very hard right up my..*cough*
shes a violent one my missus
If the hangover is sufficiently bad to imperil safe shaving, I first suck on the wife's Magic Bullet. I find it provides the necessary lumpy texture, fishy taste and stringy, viscous consistency needed to sober me into action - all be it of the "Face the day" variety.
vibrators are very good for stirring tea or the mixture for scambled eggs/pancakes - can add an interesting bouquet as well.

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