Imagine my disappointment!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Whilst at work, an hour ago I happened to glance at ARRSE (honest I don't usually ARRSE around at work!), and what did I see?

    A full NAAFI.........'Strange' thinks I, 'It's a bit late'. Then I noticed two of the names in chat; Flash, and Pentwyn!

    So, forced to log on for the spectacle, what did I see?

    Flash offering to delete his profile, publicly apologise, and never to 'bother' Pentwyn again........IF Pentwyn could answer a couple of questions!

    Unfortunately, the pressures of work drove me away from ARRSE, so I didn't see what happened next.

    Luckily for me it was nearly knocking off time, so I hurried home, turned on the computer, opened a beer, and broke out the Pringles.....

    ..........only to discover that it was all over and everyone had logged off!

    What the feck happened next?

    Please don't leave me in suspense!
  2. It was THE most entertaining time in ARRSE chat for a long time.

    Pentwyn was first claiming to be Pentwyns boyfriend using her log on.
    Pentwyn was claiming to be a Ghurka officer only recently returned from Iraq :roll:
    Flash asked the troll a few simple questions that a real Ghurka officer would know, such as “who is your OC? Where are the Ghurkas trained?”, and the mong refused to answer.
    Flash then promised to make a public apology and promise never to abuse Pentcunt again if it would just answer his questions, and it still refused to answer and continued making excuses :roll:
    I then promised never to hound Pentcunt again if it could answer Flashys questions, and it still made excuses :roll:

    Pentwyn then went on to tell wild stories about how she and Flash and been shagging in the Hilton in Scotland :roll: Strangely enough when asked the address of the hotel, a quick google showed that Pentwyn had given the wrong address.

    Then the cnut went on to entertain us with stories about how Flash was in his 40s, married with children, had an 18yr old daughter, and was a granddad… - all stank of bullshit and none of us really cared.

    Then Pentwyns “boyfriend” changed his story about who it was behind the username and claimed to be Pentwyns nephew. It claimed that the real Pentwyn had been sick in bed all day and that all today’s Pentwyn posts were actually written by him and not her (those of you who are not familiar with Pentwyn/Lawstudent/Codename/Yannie may be a little confused by this but fek it, it’s a dull troll so think yourself lucky if you don’t know).

    And THEN Pentwyn claimed that all it’s stories about being sick, having cancer, having a tumour removed from its guts, having a large scar on it belly… It confessed that all these stories were lies invented to gain sympathy from everyone here.

    In between all this we were all abusing the little cnut as you would expect.

    All in all, it was extremely amusing and we really must do it again sometime :D
  3. Pentwyn is Lawstudent?!!!!
    Well dip me In Chocalate and call me a McVitie's Digestive!
  4. Who has the time for all this?
  5. ha ha ha ha best quote I have heard since ... well... ever
  6. waaaaahhhhhhh
  7. Nope thats true....... apart from him not being in his forties, just rapidly approaching :D
  8. Do not use Bulldog broadband.

    There I was watching the fireworks and expressing the fact that you have to be a sick barsteward to lie about cancer

    and then......

    feck all!!!

    My bloomin pooter decided to boot me out of the t'internet and i was left shouting " Nooooooooooooooooooo" at the screen very loudly.

    Ps. Pentwyn is a cnut
  9. Oh really?

    Sorry, I forgot to save the rest, can anyone else help me out???? I missed the parts about where "Pentwyn" turned into Codemong, but I was there for the actual event.

    We did actually offer to go and meet them in Wales for a drink, but they strangely declined. What is with these people? Why can't we get rid of them? Apparently Codemong is under 18, if they are not allowed in pubs, or to play the fruit machine, why are they allowed in our NAAFI???
  10. :roll: Evidence?
    Is this the nephew or the original speaking??

    Ask someone else who was there, you’re a throbber.
  11. how the fcuk did I miss it??

    :lol: shoite, shoite, shoite, someone fecking come and grab me next time......there will ofcourse be a next time as its toooooooooo fcuking stupid to take a hint.
  12. You want to watch this looney, I think she is planning on some sort of law suit - she sent me a message earlier saying it was a polite request for me to stop saying things about her.


    edited trying to get a picture to work.
  13. :D :D This is better than Eastenders and Corrie wrapped up and re-branded. I'm on the edge of my seat and ready for the next episode. Popcorn is out and ready..... :twisted:

  14. I hope she represents herself if she does try and sue. She will get a ten stretch by default for annoying the judge and wasting everyones time.
  15. My song: 'Abuse in C Minor' - to be sung to 'Ride of the Valkyries' (lit newspaper optional.)

    Pentwyn is a cnut
    A sticky, fishy cnuuut
    It drips of fannybatterrr
    And it really doesnt matterrrrrr

    What she saaaaaays

    Caused no end of trouble
    Living in her own stinky bubble
    "I love the armed forces,
    They protect our consitutionnnn"

    Putting paid to flashy
    We wish she would slashy
    Her flabby wriiiistsssssssssssss

    A ball of dripping cuntpickleee
    She should give us all a grin
    And with a knitting needleeeee
    Stab up through her chiiiiiiiiiin

    A troll of highest order
    Should be a lamb to slaughterrrr
    Don't get the message
    Drown, in your own foetid waterrrrrrrrr

    Ps. When you jump, get your boyfriend (ghurka occifer) and nephew, and daughter to take pictures on a digicam, from different angles. I'll reserve sole rights, and have them printed as the new ARRSE T shirts. "Death of a troll"