Imagine if this was true !!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by CHENMP, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Once upon a time groups of Soldiers were trained to visit strange countries and protect noblemen who required very close protection.

    In order to help these soldiers do there duty they were given lots of training on various weapons including how to zero them so they could hit what they where aiming at.

    When they arrived in there foriegn land they were given the weapons of there trade and told to go and fire them to see if they worked and also to use there training to zero them. This gave the soldiers confidence as they knew there weapons would fire if needed and also that they had a chance of hitting what they were aiming for.

    But then all this changed the soldiers were told they could not test there weapons unless they could find a range that came up to Pam 21 standards
    even though the ranges had been and where being used by the local soldiers.

    This meant that in most countries where these soldiers deployed they could not test fire or zero there operational weapons. Resulting in them carrying weapons for six months without even knowing if they worked !!.

    One wonders what the newspapers would make of this if they found out that the inportant people where being protected by people who dont even know if there weapons work.

    Is there not also a duty of care to the soldier to ensure that he is best prepared for the job. Not firing a weapon for six months hardly qualifies.

    However as someone was once heard to say in the kingdom of longm**r

    When was the last time they had to fire there weapons anyway !!!

  2. Someones tired.
  3. Ow wait a minute it has happened for real !!!!!

    Wonder if they will take grouping and zeroing out of PDTs ?
  4. Another disgruntled RMP CP chap! A valid point though!
  5. Just don't enter the Corps spelling bee.
  6. Health and safety you know. Bullets might kill someone. you're supposed to shout in your loudest bestest english I HAVE A GUN. The bad man takes fright and runs away. Wearing a white hat has the same effect
  7. Hasn't CP been subcontracted to the Met yet?

    To paraphrase Robin Williams "Stop, or I'll shout stop again!"
  8. RMPCSO? Now there's a thought
  9. You're going straight to hell for that one!!! 8O :D

  10. Yes, long gone are the halcion days of yore when NCOs test fired their weapons on Ops by having NDs into the back of vehicle boots!

    I am sure however that despite the limitations on shooting (governed no doubt by the H & S Nazis), standards in general remain high throughout military CP commitments, despite the occasional mishap or discipline problem that occurs throughoit the field army.
  11. I was issued an SMG when posted to a new unit, never fired it once in three years but had to cleaning the fecking thing at least once a month!!!
  12. I have never understood how or why the RMP got the CP role in the first place. I can not think of a unit less suitable for the task.
  13. Good point, well made...who then would you nominate to fulfill the role??
  14. make it an all-arms thing...wider recruiting and selection pool has many advantages, not least tour-intervals

    the oft used arguement that RMP do it because of their knowledge of the law and their temperament as policemen makes them the best people for the job has always seemed a little flimsy to me
  15. All arms teams seems a good thing. It would give the infantry something to aim at - and other corps wallahs might be very good as well. The big benefit is that we could axe 50% of the RMP. The fighting qualities of the RMP must alas now be deemed highly suspect. No discourtesy to the dead intended.