Imagination or a classic show?

Having had been lead on a trip down memory lane to my childhood tv memories another one also came to mind.

I remembered a tv show, what I had assumed was soldier soldier, where the falklands were reinvaded. I remember the movement of troops, soldiers being taken prisoner, a daring rescue and what I thouhgt to be their own hoo rah henry (in it forever and a day) getting his foot blown off.

However having made use of an online rental company, and seen all the series it seems this memory is misplaced. Could someone Identify the show it's actually from? Or whether I've just missed a disk from the Soldier soldier series? Or even worse, i've gone mad and am creating memories to keep myself sane in He...Hull.
It was definitely Soldier Soldier. I never really watched it much at the time (although I might start getting them from Screen Select to annoy the missus - I also recall that for some reason they were compulsory viewing on TA weekends, beer in hand...) but I recall seeing that particular episode

It was set in the good old days before anyone had to fight wars or any of that nonsense :wink: and the final episode of that particular series was a set-piece battle in a made-up country quite similar to the Falklands, and therefore easy to film in the UK!

I recall lots of guys running around firing bursts on auto (not much similarity to basic battle skills!) and crawling through a sewer. I'll order it on Screen Select tonight (I've finished the Sopranos after a few months and at a loose end!)
I don't know, I think it was sometime around about 1993 or 1994. It was the final episode of the series at the time, if that is any help.
I remember a series in the late 70,s or early 80,s called "Spearhead" I think. I can vaugley remember a Humber Pig in the opening credits. Most of it was set in BAOR & NI as far as I can remember. Could this of been it ?

Regards LT.
From the first picture on the Spearhead link, it looks like part of it was filmed in Tidworth.
Sadly I can say firmly in was series 6 or 7 of soldier soldier (if I had to guess I would say series 6). I also fear it is time to come clean and say i could not resist buying series 4 of soldier soldier the other day (my only defence is that it only cost £6.50), childhood memories.....


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brewmeister said:
From the first picture on the Spearhead link, it looks like part of it was filmed in Tidworth.
I saw the pic and saw the same. Now I have had a flashback. Do you know, I believe they WERE filming it in Tidworth when we were there (Aliwal, May - Sep 76 and Mar - Oct 77 with a UN tour in the middle).

Or, as we say where I come from, a meringue?
Found it, it's a thinly vailed recreation of the falklands. It's in fact the colonel who gets his foot blown off.

More interestingly however is the fact that a civvie prisoner of war is wearing a certain QOY sqn tie. Anyone want to own up? :D
I remeber the pow getting a shoeing for wearing his own sas smock ,some one must have had a thing about non issuse kit. :)
I believe you can date most of the Soldier Soldier episodes by how early in the episode that actress that always gets her t1ts out first gets her t1ts out.

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