Imaginary Arrse Recruiting Enquiry.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushmills, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello

    I am 17 years old and my dad is a retired WO2 and my mum is a State Enrolled Nurse. I am a keen Army Cadet and play a lot of football and cricket.I have a girl friend but nothing serious as I am too young.I did not really like the academic part of school but I tried my best and finished up with 6 GCSEs and a very good reference from my former head master.I have never had any problems with the Police as my mum and dad would kill me if there was and I presonally think that stealing is wrong.

    I am currently attending the local tech' on an IT course, do voluntary work and am an assistant store manager at McDonalds.

    I have good BARB scores and did well at ADSC and encountered no problems with the medical.I have signed up in dad's old regiment.

    My concern is this, having read some of the other recruiting questions on this site, will I be surrounded by criminals, half wits, nut cases and malingerers if I join up?

    PS I am a figment of your imagination.
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  2. Do try harder.
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  3. Next time dont call a college a tech, only us old gits call it that, made me giggle though
  4. The answer is yes. More so if you join as an Officer.
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  5. 17 eh,got a piccie of yourself?
  6. Mate I am 18 my Da is 50 and MPGS at Palace Barracks. I am heavily Tattooed with Sectarian shite all over me. I can march and play in a flute band. I am a wee bit overweight so the Infantry or RIR is not for me. What is the best Regt I can join where I can keep my room as a shrine to Rangers & trap off with birds who like Buckfast ??
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  7. K_H, the RLC is for you my man!

    What you want to do first though, is join the RIR. Or any Infantry Bn to be honest. Don't panic though, all you need to do is get as far as day one/week one of Catterick before biffing out and heading to Pirbright then Deepshit ready to begin an illustrious career as a Driver.

    Now. You're wondering why I sent you to Catterick, aren't you? That's the clever bit see. It means you can set yourself apart from your peers by larging it, cos you wuz infantry innit. So you's way better than the rest of the REMFs in your Tp/Sqn. Remember, for extra SJAR points, you must give endless and unneeded advice of Pl Attks to your Tp Comd. He'll appreciate the advice after only doing them over and over again for the previous year. In camp, lick arse big time. Be everywhere anyone Sgt or above will be telling them how great you are. Remember to keep quiet around any proper Inf types though, you don't wanna burst that lovingly crafted bubble!

    Good luck buddy, and give me a shout when you make RSM!
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  8. I think I fave found a sample of your music on youtube
  9. No, you will meet all the above Characters after you have revolved back into civilian world. :)
  10. Because you will have an entire Platoon/Troop full of them to look after.