Images show horror of Afghan war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by h_8204, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. This is the everyday reality of war in Afghanistan.

    Private Davey Graham, 21, from Nottingham, lies on the ground, surrounded by his comrades after being shot in the abdomen in a Taleban ambush in Helmand Province last month.

    These stark photographs, which can be published today for the first time with his family’s permission, were taken moments before he was evacuated by Chinook helicopter to Britain’s Camp Bastion base for surgery.



    They are not graphic.
  2. Good to see that he's making a good recovery.
  3. Not quite sure what to say. Can't state that i agree with these photographs being published, though.

  4. I'll echo that as well
  5. The harsh realities of warfare that I think we civvies should be exposed to - whilst not graphic those photos weren't pleasant viewing, and given our government's unwillingness to acknowledge casualty figures, some people need reminding that not everyone returns from a tour in one piece.
  6. agreed think people need to see what is really going on should be on the front of every paper , it will bring attention to the many casulties that are being forgot about because the goverment seems that they don,t need to be talked about
  7. Have to agree with DozyBint on this one, its essential that the public are reminded about whats happening.

    If he's from Nottingham its probably not the first time he's been shot anyway! :D

    Excellent to see he's making a great recovery.

    What a chatup line though........ I got shot in Helmund, wanna see my scar?

    Nails! :D
  8. I'l wind my neck in.
  9. I don't know TBH. To me, seeing your muckers injured or dead in combat is a private thing which only combat troops can experience. Showing these pictures seems like violation in a way; something only combat troops have earned the right to see.

    On the other hand i spent years looking at pictures in books and watching programmes of soldiers wounded and dead on the battlefield. It's only when it gets personal or too close to home that i feel this way.

    Probably doesn't make much sense does it?

  10. I haven't been in combat,but I don't think its right either,that man is some ones loved one,son and we shouldn't see him like that,remember that picture on the front page of the Scum with the half naked body of one of the 2 Signallers murdered by the IRA,that picture will never leave my mind
  11. It probably made the scum a lot of money though which is all they are interested in.
  12. I see where your coming from there, I suspect the difference is that this guy is alive and (Hopefully) fully recovered from his injuries.
  13. I was in two minds whether to post the article, but the difference to me is that he has given permission for them to be shown, I would not have posted the article if that wasn't stated. I believe they should be used to show just a little bit the cost of the war to the general public maybe actually spark some interst from them.

    I do respect the views though of FSJ and the others.

  14. True,I can remember a clip on the news early 70.s Northern Ireland again where a lad had been hit by a petrol bomb and was on fire,not too bad though and a TV cameraman was filming him,and one of the lads buttstroked him you saw the camera crash to the floor I forget which Regiment it was I don't think any action was took against the lad,fair play to him
  15. Actually to me it makes perfect sense. :cry: