Images from Yom Kippur war

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Taffnp, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. Found a load of images from the Yom Kippur war. Was going to post the link on the internet links thread, but thread is closed.

    Yum Kippur War
  2. I'm not about to wade through 101 pages but on page 1, Ariel Sharon with his bandaged noggin looks as ally as fcuk.
  3. Welcome to Current Affairs… 38 years ago.
  4. Current affairs news and analysis!!!!
  5. It was new 38 years ago, and you have some analysis other than a link?
  6. The Israelis won
  7. Why fight over kippers?


    Arabs & Jews, they'll fight over anything!

    What not all have bacon & sausage brekkie instead and forget it?

  9. Prehaps it should be moved to the history section, it would be a shame to bin it as there are some interesting pics in there
  10. Nope, they suffered a strategic defeat.
  11. Yes they were completely taken by surprise and on all fronts, and I must admit that were it not for American aid and the ceasefire, a new planned offensive by the armies opposing them would almost certainly have annhilated them.
  12. The first 20 pages or so have some good pics, after which it's all text about the war itself.
  13. They also lost most of their combat veteran and highly trained tank and air crews trying to prove that a nails attitude could defeat wall to wall missiles. They would never regain that edge.