Images from Guantanamo Bay

Mr_Deputy said:
walting_matilda said:
Where is the fcuking beach............... Shite place for a holiday.
Might have to be less picky, what with the pound least its got sand. How much are double rooms? Is there a 'friend's price' if you book for a week/two weeks?
Couple of boats there so obviously watersports available.
Luxury, pure luxury and you dont get blown up

A mate of mine got mapboarded once, a bit like waterboarding. When the bomb went off outside the opsroom the mapboard smashed his head in
Its not a bad gig from what I hear. Free air fare, free lodging, free food. As much prayer time as a man could possibly want, with the occasional question time from the wardens heavies thrown in for free. Man love available for the under 30's most days of the week.

For fun you can throw buckets of feces and urine at the staff, or paint your own walls with the stuff if you're into changing the decor.

All in all, a lot better than two weeks in Majorca and a lot cheaper too.
should rub pork chops into their skullcaps - ideal place to dispose of all this Irish pork :)
I thought it was Dalton Barracks until I saw the blue skies and sunshine.

Do you think he's got a red laboon hidden behind his back and he's guarding the freezer full of ice cream?
I'm offended that these terrorists are being kept in such luxury.


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Well it is the Daily Mail, and we know their reputation for accurate photographs.
I used to live in a place much worse than that


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