Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by VarSity, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a couple of different roles on my wish list, the Int Corps being one of them.

    I am specifically interested in Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), but was wondering how this would affect the interview process.
    There seems to be a strong leaning on language skills for the Int Corps, is this the same for IMINT?

    I don’t currently speak any other languages, and i have no idea how good or bad I will be at learning them.
  2. I would just concentrate on getting in first, then develop your career. Lets face it a surgeon didn't leave university and start performing brain surgery straight away, some time elapsed to allow education and time to really decided on which specilisation to take. You will be told what you want to specialise in anyway!!
  3. If you're serious about IMINT, join the RAF, FFS. :wink:

    With the added bonus of being treated like an intelligent human being, into the bargain. :twisted:
  4. Says KhakiCrab hmmmmm

    Ulterior motive? :wink:
  5. But takes forever to get promoted to Cpl and get on the IA course, and then promotion is dead men's shoes. I remember an RAF Sgt who was promoted to that rank before I was born and was still a Sgt when I did the IA course.
  6. Accept what the fates decide for you. Some years back I was accepted for IMINT trg on completion of a sunshine post in the Med. Aptitude test scores were good, Glasgow were happy etc even course dates fitted-until a certain MoD department directed me to very west Wales -cue teddy out of the pram etc-in fact I had a good time and ended up getting what I really wanted at the end of it. Funny how things work out.
  7. Can't work it out myself either, like I'm sure Army IA's get just as much harmony time as their RAF counterparts. No retention problems either !

  8. what in the name of all that is good and holy is "harmony time"? A hairspray moment perhaps?
  9. There is nothing wrong with declaring an interest in IMINT during the interview process, at the very least it shows you've done some basic research. Volunteers are always required for any of the specialisations.

    At least you had the wit to ignore this imbecile, what he means is if you want to do nothing else but IMINT then join the RAF. Of course you could always fail the aptitude course, so this is purely academic at this stage.
  10. I now realise the depth of my error, how foolish of me to think that a concept like "Harmony Guidelines" would mean anything to the Intelligence Corps.

    You could always ask the RCMO, if there is an Army view on this

  11. Adastra, If "harmony guidelines" are good then it appears that statistically the Army is twice as successful as The RAF.

    I once saw a very impressive barbershop quartet from Akrotiri though.

    I would expect to be slapped hard by any of my friends or collegues if I ever use the phrase "harmony time".
  12. I think that's the first accurate statement I've seen written in blue on here. Ever.
  13. Imint is quite big at the moment and getting bigger, there are a number of new systems comming into service needing IAs, a number of which will come from the Int Corps.
  14. "Harmony time" and "current adversary set". Who comes up with this crap and how much are they being paid?!