Image/Impressions of the NZDF- A foreign view

Evening all, a question has come to me that I thought would benefit from being posed to the good gentlemen (and ladies) of ARRSE.

Of those of you who have met members of the New Zealand Armed Forces, what were your impressions of them? And what is the general image of the NZ Armed Forces in its allies?
I like the way they dispence with the nausea of carrying identity documentation, with everyone being on nodding terms!


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There were a couple cutting around Corps HQ. The bird was bloody fantastic looking which was a big surprise because I usually associate NZ with incredibly Plain females to put it politely.

In Military Terms a very small footprint but one of the few nations that can be relied on to stand and fight. And more importantly can be trusted with sensitive information. The stand and fight bit is probably a WWI/WWII legacy, because it hasn't been tested in a big way due to Helen Clark believing an Army was merely there to provide extras to Peter Jackson's latest Pixie film.

As a general rule, as long as it's not a Rugby conversation, I like and admire New Zealand.
Good blokes and not as uptight as the Ozmates. Got ratfaced with a bunch in the Dengue Bar in Dili a few times. The singing syrup seems to affect them quicker than most, although they don't get falling down until long after the last Ozmate has fallen over. Have to say, watching a female Ozmil member waddle around the bar with a sidearm while sucking on a tinny was an interesting experience. Wouldn't want to piss her off when she gets oiled by suggesting her meatflaps and your pork sword become mates before you sober up.
They have very good artillery.
*blushes* Aw shucks..
Still, it's good to hear that we have this reputation with the civilised world, makes me proud to wear the flag an' all :)


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Worked with NZ RA blokes in Bos, we also gave them training before they deployed, excellent blokes, switched on and unlike AUS MIL could handle cold weather. However, when taking them on weapon handling, they did admit that carrying out predeployment training in NZ they had acquired Browning 9mm's from their Army Museum, which made us kind of embarrassed. They seemed to like the SA80 A2, and we managed to beat them in a shooting competition using said weapon which we were pleased with.
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